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Know These 7 Famous Dishes of Japanese Cuisine

Know These 7 Famous Dishes of Japanese Cuisine

Published by Programme B

Japan is known for many wonderful things including architecture, pop culture, sights, anime, art, and so much more. The food also stands out as a huge component of its culture. Japanese cuisine encompasses a huge variety of interesting and delicious traditional and regional foods. These have been developed through years of social, political, and economic changes. Have a look at some of the most popular Japanese dishes you can try below.

1. Ramen

Ramen is a very popular option for people who are looking to eat something in Japan. This is a bowl of wheat noodles that are served with miso soup or soy sauce. It also contains other ingredients that may include pork slices, egg, seaweed, green onion, and many others. Some people also prefer to eat this with a side of rice dish. You do not have to eat this in Japan or at a restaurant because there are plenty of easy ramen noodle recipes you can explore to make at home.

2. Rice Bowl

Rice can be considered a staple when it comes to Japanese cuisine. One of the ways to enjoy this grain is by serving a rice bowl. This is plain rice that is served with a majority of meals in Japan. At times, it is mixed with soy sauce also known as tamago-kake gohan and raw eggs. Some enjoy the rice bowl with soybeans (natto) or other toppings.

3. Sushi

Sushi is one of the meals that is synonymous to Japan. The dish is famous inside and outside of Japan. It is primarily made from fresh fish and white cooked rice that is rich in rice vinegar. The meals are presented in several creative shapes and ways. There are different types of sushi including sushi rice that has raw fish (chirashi), hand-formed sushi (nigirizushi), and rolled sushi (makizushi) among others.

4. Yakitori

This is one of the most popular meat dishes in Japan. It is made of bite-sized chicken pieces that are grilled on a skewer. To prevent wastefulness, the meal includes all parts of the chicken such as comb, heart, and liver, etc. Even though the Japanese people love it, the meal has not been around for too long. This is because for centuries eating meat was a taboo in Japan.

5. Tofu

Many countries in the West consider tofu to be a vegetarian healthy food alternative. In Japan, however, people enjoy this as part of their traditional diet. It is eaten as coagulated soy milk whose curds are pressed to appear like blocks. These blocks usually have different levels of firmness and can be served raw, boiled, or fried with other tasty ingredients. It also works well as a garnish.

6. Tempura

This is a mixture of seafood and vegetables or meat and mushrooms that chefs coat in batter before deep-frying them. It results in one of the traditional meals in Japan that has a crispy yet light texture. You can dip this in a light sauce before consuming it or just season it with salt. The Portuguese introduced this meal to the Japanese in the 16th century and it has fast become a favorite in the country.

7. Okonomiyaki

This is a savory version of Japanese pancakes that are made from egg, yam, and flour. Its name suggests that you can get it grilled as you like. This implies that you can add an ingredient of your choice. Examples of common ingredients that people add include cheese, green onion, mochi, vegetables, beef, shrimp, and squid. Consumers get to choose how it will be made and it is normally cooked in a griddle.