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Learning More about How Your Security ID Card Works

Learning More about How Your Security ID Card Works

Published by Programme B

Security ID cards are used all over the world in an astounding variety of contexts. If you’re currently a student or working at one of the many jobs that requires their employees to use a PVC security ID cards every day, then it’s likely that you’re familiar with how they are used. What you may not know is why they are so effective at keeping you and your coworkers safe. 

Why are Security ID Cards Widespread?

Most people first encounter security ID card technology while they are still students at either public school or at college. Schools use security ID cards to keep track of their students and access other useful features contained in the cards, such as hold data that can be used to

  • pay for meals
  • contain library card information
  • contain personal data

When those same students enter the workforce, there is a high chance that they will use the same technology to access their workplace and encrypted digital information pertaining to their jobs. The reason that security ID cards are so prevalent is due to that fact they are so effective at the job they need to do and are cost-effective as well.

What Makes Security ID Cards Versatile?

The reason that security ID cards are great security devices is that they are so versatile. That means that they are able to house a variety of different types of technology, including:

  • Magnetic Stripe Reading
  • Chip Reading
  • Contactless Card Reading
  • High-Resolution Colour Printing
  • Proximity Card Reading

Because security cards are manufactured using a versatile, yet durable, form of plastic called PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, they are extremely versatile.

Security Card Accessories

When you use your security card with accessories it can become even easier to use and more effective. For example, when you keep your ID card stored in a badge holder, you can attach it to a lanyard that can be worn around your neck. This will prevent your card from getting lost easily. It also makes the card more convenient to use, which is especially useful for quickly accessing cards that are equipped with proximity reading capabilities.

If you would like to purchase accessories to be used with your cards or for your employees to use, you can check out Canada’s best selection of custom breakaway lanyards at one of the leading security ID card printing solutions providers.

Other Uses

ID cards are often used for the purpose of maintaining security by identifying personnel and regulating access to sensitive areas. The security technology contained in ID cards, however, is also used by banks around the world to keep finances secure. It is sometimes also used for other purposes, such as in business cards.

Despite advances in mobile technology, security ID cards are unlikely to be replaced any time soon. Part of what makes them so effective is that despite their simplicity, they are rarely compromised. If you manage a business and are interested in a better security solution for your employees, consider the option of a PVC security ID card printer.