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The Most Common Question after Surviving a Truck Accident: Who Can I Sue?

The Most Common Question after Surviving a Truck Accident: Who Can I Sue?

Published by Programme B

There is a huge difference between car crashes and truck accidents, because the former is a lot less likely to be fatal or cause grave injuries than the latter. Survival rates after being on a collision course with big trucks and 18-wheelers are, unfortunately, a lot lower. And, those who do survive such potentially fatal crashes do not get away without serious injuries.

Once the initial shock period is over for either the family of the deceased victim or the survivor of the truck accident, the most common question on their mind is, “who can I sue?”

The answer to this question differs in accordance with the details of the accident, the state laws and the parties involved in the accident. Nonetheless, the following would most likely constitute your list of options.

The Driver

The most common focal point of the victim’s anger and often the seemingly most liable individual is the truck driver. However, this is usually the wrong person to sue unless you have evidence that it was the driver alone that caused the accident, perhaps due to failing to use signals or committing to a dangerous overtake.

The Company

The trucking company might seem to be the second most guilty party in a truck accident case from the perspective of the victim, but in a lot of the accidents, they are found to be the number one party that receives the most punishment.

Illegal workhours, excessive pressure on the drivers and hiring incompetent drivers are all faults of the company and they should be the ones to pay for it.

The Truck Manufacturer

This one is actually a rare occurrence, but if the fault lies in the truck’s engineering itself, then neither the driver nor the trucking company could be held liable, because the manufacturer is to be blamed and sued for manufacturing and selling faulty heavy vehicles.

The Government

Yes, you can sue the local wing of the government if the accident was caused by ill-maintenance of the road on which it occurred.

How Can You Sue?

You will need the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer to figure out who the right person to sue is in your particular situation.

Of course, you or your lawyer can choose to sue any of the aforementioned parties if you want, but that could be a mistake. Suing the wrong party can result in complete dismissal of the case, stretching of the case’s hearing date and, even if you win, receiving a fraction of the compensation you deserved for the horrifying ordeal.

This is the reason why there are specialized truck accident lawyers operating in Texas, where truck and large trailer accident rates are at their highest in the United States.

Using their vast experience in dealing with every kind of truck and 18-wheeler accidents, a good Truck Accident Lawyer can not only help victims find the best party to sue, but they will actually be able to tell them whether they have a solid case on their hands right away.

It is always going to be a tragedy, especially if someone is lost in the accident, but the goal is to minimize the domino effect of the tragedy by making sure that the financial security of the victim and/or their family is not in jeopardy too.