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Become A Bartender: Skills You Need To Have As A Bartender

Become A Bartender: Skills You Need To Have As A Bartender

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If you enjoy mixing and serving drinks for customers and want it to be a flourishing career, then you may consider becoming a great bartender. Typically, bartending can be a rigorous job, but it can also be one of the most enjoyable and profitable careers in the foodservice industry and you can use an RSA Melbourne course to keep you up to update date.

While bartending isn’t for everybody, there are ways to help you become the best bartender in town.

So, if you want to become a professional bartender and earn more money, check out this list of skills you should have before getting started.

Who Are Bartenders?

As defined, bartenders, also known as barpersons, are tasked to mix and serve drinks and snacks in places like hotels, pubs, and other licensed entertainment premises. Although working in the bar allows you to earn more money, the required work hours tend to be extended – usually includes weekends and holidays.

Also, depending on the person’s experience and skills, doing a bartending job comes with good pay. It can bring in a part-time or full-time income in your pocket.

What Skills Are Needed To Become A Great Bartender?

As mentioned, not everyone may have the guts to become a professional bartender. Even if you like mixing drinks and serving food to customers, you need to have a specific set of skills, to begin with.

Below are the skills necessary to become the best bartender in the bar industry:

Stamina And Strength

Just like any other job in the foodservice industry, becoming a bartender requires high strength and endurance. If you’re more agile and fit, you’ll be able to perform your bartending tasks properly without worrying about getting yourself injured on the job.

Since bartending requires you to stand for long hours, you should have a lot of strength to help you with whatever tasks that need to be done. Make sure you’re not only quick on your feet but with your hands as well.

If you think you have the right stamina to be a good bartender, now is the time to make bartending a thriving career. To get you started, there are many reliable human capital management service providers, like, that provide information on how to become a great bartending professional even with no previous experience.

Sharp Memory

Working as a bartender doesn’t need you to have comprehensive knowledge about the drinks and snacks you’re serving. However, if you want to be the best in your bartending career, you should have a sharp memory that allows you to remember cocktails, recognize regular customers, and memorize orders.

  • To improve your memory, practice making cocktails using the proper ingredients, tools, and equipment more often.
  • To maintain regular customers and increase your sales in the long run, be sure you know their names and their favorite orders.
  • To remember orders and offer excellent services, repeating all the orders to the customers can aid you in memorization.


Of course, a good bartender must be friendly, not just to customers, but to everyone in the workplace. It means that you should greet everyone with a big smile. Also, being friendly applies to frustrated customers. You should know how to be kind and professional even if they seem not to like your services.

If you know how to size customers up and determine whether they want to have chitchat or not, then you can further your career as a good bartender. Lastly, be sure you’re energetic, engaging, and has a sense of humor and entertaining personality if you consider bartending in your job search.

Good Communication Skills

In addition to friendliness, bartenders should have excellent communication skills to make sure the business will not be in complete chaos. If you want to become a bartender anytime soon, you shouldn’t only know how to communicate with your customers, but you should also know how to work with your fellow employees. It means working together as a team and asking for assistance when necessary.


Another essential skill a good bartender should have is the ability to do free-pouring. This is especially true if your bar uses the free-pouring method. In such a case, you need to master this skill to avoid costing the business hundreds of dollars.

To learn how to free-pour, frequent practice of a three or four-count pour per ounce can help but don’t expect to master it for the first time. Typically, the ability to free-pour requires a lot of concentration and practice. Therefore, make a real effort to repeatedly test yourself to get your count right.


Indeed, a bartending job takes a lot of skills. You’ve got to handle different customers, mix and make cocktail drinks, and stand for a longer period. Therefore, if you want to become a great bartender, keep this checklist of skills in mind so you can quickly get hired in the bar industry.