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Best ways to Improve your Literacy

Best ways to Improve your Literacy

Published by Programme B

“Every person with the ability to read and write is in a position to magnify his or herself, to multiply the ways in which they exist, to make their life full, significant, and interesting.” – Aldous Huxley. This quote by a great writer a philosopher sums up the importance of improving your literacy.

Every student needs to put effort into improving their reading and writing skills so they can expand the capacity to express themselves. A significant percentage of college students don’t read any other books apart from those related to their course work. This is quite an alarming trend because it means not many are keen on diversifying the way they think.

Students need to realize that college is so much more than academic prowess. If you need to free up your time to accommodate non-academic reads, check out this website. It offers custom written papers that save you from laboring through assignments the whole weekend.

Here are the best ways students can ensure they boost their literacy.

1. Develop a Reading Culture

As a student, you should be disciplined enough to read books for pleasure. It is understandable when an individual’s literacy level suffers due to inadequate education systems, poor school infrastructure, and high poverty levels. But as a student, you have unlimited access to read the material; you have no excuse. Make use of the opportunity to ensure you graduate as a well-rounded adult.

Because of technology, you can now access soft copy books that you can read wherever you are. If you have a hard time reading on your smartphone’s small screen, consider borrowing a book from the school’s library. For some readers, it can be insightful to discover are paper books better than e-books for their personal reading journey. Developing a reading culture helps you improve your attention span, as well. You can now concentrate during long lectures and understand everything in one sitting.

2. Invest in Personal Development Books

Many students would rather not buy books when they can easily access them online. However, it’s advisable that you do because investing in a book encourages you to read it. When you get something for free, nothing drives you to use it.

As a young adult, you need to invest in personal development books and find out how to become a well-rounded individual. You’ll be soon graduating, and you need to know how to handle the curve balls life will throw at you.

Literacy goes beyond your ability to read and write. You need books that help you break down the complexities of life. Life improvement books help you improve the way you communicate and think. People can easily deduce if you’re a smart person from how you act and interact with your surroundings.

3. Improve Your Vocabulary

To boost your reading comprehension, you need to improve your vocabulary. For you to fully understand new vocabulary, you need to interact with them used in different contexts. You might think understanding the dictionary meaning is enough, but that is not the case. Reading more books exposes you to more than a dictionary can teach you.

The intention is not to mechanically memorize the meanings of complex words but to be able to use them in the right context. There’s nothing that destroys one’s reputation, like using big words the wrong way. When it comes to communication, use only worlds whose meaning you’re sure of. After all, the language was created to facilitate communication, not to showcase your rich vocabulary.


Improving your literacy expands your capacity to express yourself. As a student at the university, you need to take advantage of the school’s resources to improve your life. Building a reading culture means venturing into books unrelated to your course work. Once you realize that literacy goes beyond your ability to read and write, you’ll fully comprehend why it’s crucial.