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Brand Ambassadors: Event Marketing’s Best Kept Secret

Brand Ambassadors: Event Marketing’s Best Kept Secret

Published by Programme B

Industry events and trade shows are opportunities for you to demonstrate to the world how incredible your brand is. It’s your chance to showcase why your products or services are better than anyone else’s. They’re also a chance to provide outstanding customer service and show people a good time.

Make an impact at your next event and hire a professional brand ambassador agency in Toronto to ensure that you harness the power of your brand. Strategizing the perfect marketing plan for a trade show or event isn’t easy. There are so many facets to planning an event, from creating a guest list to designing visuals, and so much more.

You only have two hands, and even if you have an extraordinary and talented staff, they might not all be professional event coordinators. This is why you need brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are highly trained, professional event experts who facilitate all aspects of the event marketing process.

They are also real people. When you hire a team of brand ambassadors they humanize your brand. The main objective of any brand ambassador is to generate leads and sales by engaging with your audience one-on-one. A good agency will only hire individuals who are not only excellent salespeople but are also charismatic and highly personable.

You want your event attendees to place trust in their hands so that they can create a rapport with the brand staff and develop an on-going relationship with your brand. Brand ambassadors provide a branded experience in real-time, and they’re a definite necessity to any event.

What Exactly Is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador promotes and represents your brand by engaging with your audience. The right agency will train the team weeks in advance so that they will know everything there is to know about you, from your brand’s history and story to what its values are.

Depending on the nature of the event, brand ambassadors can be:

  • Emcees and DJs
  • Team leaders
  • Event managers and coordinators
  • Models
  • Production assistants
  • Videographers and photographers
  • Food and beverage staff
  • And more

As a team, they promote you better than you ever could on your own, and their outgoing personalities encourage event attendees to learn and discover more about you.

They Humanize Your Brand

The truth is that people prefer to make purchases from real people, not a faceless brand. Brand ambassadors are inviting, bright, and cheerful. It’s part of their job to create a welcoming environment at any type of event.

Attendees will feel comfortable approaching them and will want to engage with them, and most importantly they’ll want to learn more about what your products or services are and how they can benefit from investing in you.

They Will Promote You on All Channels

A brand ambassador is the best kind of promoter not only because they have great personalities and are excellent marketers — but they’re also deeply connected on social networks both on and offline.

Networking is literally part of their job. A good brand ambassador will make it their priority to conduct prospective research when they start working with a new client for an upcoming event.

They’ll reach out to relevant people in the industry via social media and invite them to the event, and they’ll create a customized social media plan with individualized hashtags to promote your brand and your event. It never hurts to spread the word to a wider audience.

To encourage brand awareness and sales, hire a team of hard-working and charismatic brand ambassadors.

While they take care of everything at your next event, all you’ll have to do is sit back and relax!