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Commercial Duct Cleaning Toronto

Commercial Duct Cleaning Toronto

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

The ductwork in your business and home carries millions of unseen and seen particles and contaminants through the air that gets into your home every day. The implication of this is clear-with time the entire heating and cooling system become dirty. That is why experts advise that you should consider commercial duct cleaning Toronto after every four to seven times a year.

Doing so ensures that all the particles and contaminants in your heating and cooling system are eliminated, and you get quality indoor air safe for breathing. This will avoid respiratory issues among your family members, especially those who have chronic asthma or other chronic problems. However, what we want to emphasize here is having your air ducts cleaned professionally by a professional company. When choosing a company to clean your ducts, research more about it to know whether it has any track record and what it includes in its package. Continue reading here for more details.


  • Why Do You Need Commercial and Residential Duct Cleaning?


There are two key reasons why business owners and homeowners opt for residential and commercial duct cleaning Toronto. The first one is health concerns, and the second one is unit inefficiency. 


  • Health Concerns.


Dirty and contaminated air ducts are unfit for your health and that of your family members. You will agree with me, especially if there are some of your family members who suffer from health issues such as allergies and asthma. If you find out that you or your family members are suffering from unexplained headache, sneezing, nausea, coughing, or other signs of illness, you should think about residential duct cleaning-it is probably what is causing all these issues. 

There are various contaminants that might be airborne in your home that is affecting the health of your family members;

  • Mould- moldy air ducts can have adverse effects on the health of your family members, especially those suffering from health conditions such as asthma and allergies. Mould is usually found in the areas of your ductwork that don’t have enough light and are exposed to moisture. Mould is typically hazardous when it grows in your HVAC system since when you switch on your AC unit, it is disturbed and spread throughout all the rooms in your home. If left untreated, it can result in toxic poisoning and allergic reactions. 

Some mold grows in areas that you may not see. That is why it is essential to take notice of any bad smell or any suspecting health issue among your family members. If you suspect mold is growing in your home, it is a wise idea to schedule for residential duct cleaning. Your ducts will be cleaned and avoid potential health issues.

  • Dust- if there is a member of your family who strangles with allergies or asthma, then the dust found in your home can have adverse effects on him/her. Dust usually collects in the ductwork, and overtime, it affects the quality of indoor air. 
  • Dirt- just like dust, dirt can have significant adverse effects on the health of your family if it accumulates in your HVAC system. Air ducts showing signs of tear and wear or ductwork that has not been properly sealed can be vulnerable to dirt contamination. Inspecting your ducts regularly and correct duct installation can help curb dirt contamination from affecting your health.
  • Pet dander- though it has fewer effects, animal dander is one of the significant components of indoor pollution. If you own a pet, you can be sure that every day there is a lot of dander that is being shed. This fur ends up in your HVAC system, further aggravating allergies and asthmas in your home.

There are various ways you can minimize animal dander in your home. However, if you moved into a new home whose previous owner had pets, your HVAC system already has accumulated some pet dander. Residential or commercial duct cleaning Toronto will help you solve this issue.

  • HVAC Unit Inefficiency.


When animal dander, dust, dirt, and other contaminants accumulate in your air ducts, it reduces its passage. The blockage passages make it hard for air to go through. As such, your HVAC system has to work harder to accomplish this. This implies a lot of energy would be used, and that translates to higher energy bills.

The only way to make your HVAC system efficient is opting for residential or commercial duct cleaning Toronto.

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