Making The World A Better Place Is One Of The Most Important Goals At Socati

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More than ever before, the world has seemingly become a smaller place. As we evolve, we begin to see how technology can help us feel closer to each other, Companies have started to realize that the processes they begin to put in place can help begin to make the world a better place. Caring and thoughtful workers, who have the support of insightful leadership, are one source to help bring more advanced enlightenment to the workplace.

Socati is leading the way in developing this new corporate consciousness way of thinking. They are dedicated to hiring a staff that adheres to and enhance these ideals while creating products that could possibly enhance and improve the lives of those that use them.

In Socati’s industry, producing CBD and cannabinoid ingredients, being on top of trends, in both the consumer world and business practice, is extremely valuable. Socati has honed-in on how events and developments in one part of the world can have an effect on industry practices and processes. In a recent interview with Ed Lonergan, a member of the Socati's Board of Directors, further explains how Socati operates to achieve these goals and their vision for a better world through everyday practices.

A Technology Driven Company

A variety of trends contribute to shaping how a company decides and is able to, operate. For those at Socati, it is the development and launching of a product line that has been gaining popularity because of continuous research showing the possibility of incredible health benefits. Under the supervision of Lonergan, Socati has risen to the challenge with their creation of water-soluble CBD that contains non-detectable THC, is rich is CBD and minor cannabinoids, and the ability to mix like another food ingredient. The hemp and CBD industry is one that has been growing rapidly, and has the momentum to keep expanding, as more consumers realize the multiple benefits of the use of broad-spectrum cannabinoids. Lonergan and his team of experts are always working to remain at the forefront of industry success, by consistently providing premium products that offer many advantages to the end-users. And while Socati derives from the foundation of technology that underlies everything it does. Socati has quickly gained the esteemed position of being a trusted provider that dependably and consistently provides high-quality products for its many highly satisfied clients around the globe.

Jumping In Headfirst

Accompanying the responsibilities of being a respected and trusted industry leader, it is understandable that Socati continues to attract and recruit top-notch staff who are eager to jump in and work faithfully with Socati. Lonergan believes Socati is ideally positioned to fully deliver on customer demands or surpassing expectations, each and every time. His own background in a variety of business endeavors has provided him with the experience and resolve to deliver these sorts of customer-oriented results. Lonergan offers many years of experience in heading CPG companies, for industries including food and health care, and with this experience, he gained a deep understanding of what it takes to successfully and sustainably navigate a company through future years and ahead. Lonergan served the Chief Operating Officer of world-renowned Chiquita Brands International Inc. where his leadership was held in high regard by his team, as well as key industry leaders and stakeholders. His work was equally esteemed while with Diversey Inc. where, as CEO, Lonergan was revered as a true visionary.

Lonergan’s Outlook

As Lonergan contemplates the Cannabinoid industry, he sees a remarkable measure of deep and broad potential. Lonergan’s background allows him the ability to take a comprehensive view of the industry and see what will make the difference between a company that is poised for success and one that will likely fail in the long run. His own unique perspective and understanding also give him a wide-ranging view of the entire food industry, where he can see several overlaps between individual business practices and processes, and the industry at large and how those overlaps interact. In Lonergan’s view, it is necessary that everyone who is engaged in the industry work professionally in every case and at every turn. Professionals like Lonergan endeavor to understand the industry as a whole, and draw and share connections about how the creation of products like non-detectable THC can serve the entire industry.

Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels