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My favorite home gifts of 2019

My favorite home gifts of 2019

Published by Programme B

As much as we all love buying the latest technology, clothes, and food, nothing quite beats a lovely gift for the home. Next time you’re heading to a friend’s birthday celebration and automatically head to buy them a bottle of wine, think again.

A lot of the time, there’s nothing better than a gift that can be lovingly displayed in the home for all to see and stay in the family for years to come.

If you’re not really sure exactly what to buy, I’ve put together a list of the best home gifts I’ve seen so far in 2019 right here. There’s a broad range, too, so you’re bound to find something to suit everyone.

Yankee candle set

This one may seem a little cliche, but before you judge me, please hear me out. If you’re visiting someone who has just moved into a new place or is currently away from their family home for the first time, then the likelihood is that everything is still pretty new.

The thing with new homes is that they don’t smell like they belong, and every home has to have its own unique smell, right? The problem is that you can go through tons of expensive candles before finding the perfect scent.

With a set of Yankee candle wax melts, your gift receiver can try a whole multitude of mini scents before committing to the real deal.

Kool8 water bottle

Although this isn’t a furnishing, whoever you decide to gift a Kool8 water bottle to will soon realize that this cool piece of kit quickly becomes part of the home.

These funky and bright bottles have double-walled insulation that keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. They’re made of durable stainless steel and are eco-friendly as they minimize the use of plastic bottles, and even have their own in-built tea infuser.

If you know of a friend who’s trying harder to do their bit for the world, then gift them a Kool8 bottle. A portion of the profits made on each bottle even goes towards making clean water more accessible across the world.

Bamboo cheese board with cutlery drawer 

GiftWits names this board is its list of 30 gorgeous anniversary gifts, but I only think it makes for a lovely generic home gift.

Everyone needs a good cheese board in their lives, whether it’s for entertaining dinner party guests or even for those late-night cravings we all have.

This board has that little touch of luxury with a pull-out cutlery drawer full of premium quality cheese knives. 

No matter who you’re buying for, this gift is sure to impress. You can pick it up on Amazon here.

Mexican mortar and pestle

If the person you’re buying for fancies themselves as a bit of a chef, then you might want to buy them a volcanic rock molcajete and basket set. Not only will this traditional Mexican mortar and pestle set fit right into any kitchen, but it will also keep your friends entertained for hours as they conjure up their own variations of salsa and guacamole for Taco Tuesday.

This also serves as a DIY spice grinder and includes a woven basket for colorful countertop storage.

Buying this gift instantly guarantees you a LOT of tasty homemade Mexican food, too. We promise.

Twinkle in Time Star Map

For a gift with a personal touch, consider buying a gorgeous Twinkle in Time star map. The Twinkle in Time software simply asks you to input a date and location into its clever software for it to produce a high-quality map that displays exactly how the stars were aligned at that moment in time.

It’s possibly one of the least time-consuming yet most thoughtful gifts ever and I LOVE it.

You could choose the date you first met the person receiving the gift, their birthday, or even the day they moved into their home.

It’s bound to be a great conversation starter and can hang proudly in your friend’s living room for years to come.

Try out The Twinkle in Time for yourself!

Planted succulent

As featured in Cool Things Chicago’s 39 Amazing Gifts for Her, a Costa Farms succulent in a ceramic planter is the perfect gift for any indoor plant enthusiast.

Whether your friend simply loves a bit of greenery around the house or needs a lesson in how to look after things, now is the time to buy this gift. These particular succulents are handpicked and are very easy to grow when kept in direct sunlight.

Adorned with a cheeky play on words, these plants are also super cute. They’re grown in a 2.5-inch planter pot and are the perfect year-round gift. 

Cute doormat

We all love a cute doormat that sets the scene for the home and welcomes guests. This doormat from Target is nice and simple with the words ‘Home Sweet Home’ etched across it, made of coir and PVC so it will withstand all weathers and dirty footprints. 

It can be used indoors or out for a fun pop of style that is designed to make any house feel like a home. 

Plus, for a limited time, it’s on sale at just $17.99! What a bargain.

Hot chocolate bombes 

If you can’t quite resist a foodie gift, then these hot chocolate bombes really make the average hot drink exciting.

Simply chuck one into hot milk and watch it dissolve into the most delicious chocolate drink to warm up during the cold winter months. Each bombe is also filled with mini marshmallows for that added touch and extra sweetness. Once you’ve tried this new form of hot chocolate, Firebox claims you’ll never go back to boring powder again!

This gift is perfect for any friend who likes to show off, and always has a party trick up their sleeve. Whether they decide to indulge over Christmas or simply bite into them like a huge chocolate apple, endless fun can be had!

Buy the bombes through Firebox here.

Brybelly ultimate heavyweight poker chips set

Spoil your recreational poker player friend with an elegant set of chips that would make them feel like a winner just by opening the case. This gift is ideal for someone who values quality over quantity. It’s also a good choice for people who aren’t afraid to admit that they like a little opulence in their lives.

The Brybelly ultimate heavyweight poker chips set provides a truly authentic casino feel thanks to its premium clay-composite material chips that come in six different colors. At 14 grams each, the chips are slightly lighter than the ones found in a casino, which makes handling and stalking a breeze.

What’s more, this set’s transparent acrylic display case can be later repurposed as a centerpiece of a coffee table. Browse more poker chips sets here!

Photo by Jason Boyd from Pexels