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Why More Businesses in Toronto Are Using Corporate Catering

Why More Businesses in Toronto Are Using Corporate Catering

Published by Programme B

Toronto is home to businesses both big and small, and considering how little real estate there is left in the city, it’s no wonder that many of them can’t afford or have space to accommodate a cafeteria for their employees. Instead, the most they can provide is a basic kitchenette and encourage their employees to bring food from home or go out for lunch.

Other companies are instead opting for a third option, and that is hiring a catering company in Toronto to provide their employees with free lunches. Why would they do this, though? It sounds like a money sink and there are no clear advantages – except that there actually are, and the reasons are compelling enough to convince employers to hop on the bandwagon.

Everyone Loves Perks

When job hunting people often look out for any perks that a company may offer – it’s a little something extra that will help them stand out from other prospects. It could be something like providing free yearly massages, company-hosted parties, childcare options, or in this case, free lunches.

These company perks not only attract new talent but also help to retain current employees by boosting morale and making them feel more appreciated. It’s an extra little something that goes beyond base pay that can help an employer look more compassionate and caring of their employees.

Boost Morale and Productivity

Food makes people happy, especially when it’s free. When employees are happy they are more motivated and keen on working hard for their employer. The good vibes also promote a healthy and positive work culture where people work well together to achieve a common goal.

There’s also the fact that sharing a meal offers the opportunity for employees to connect and build relationships. This is great for boosting team spirit at the office and getting people to talk when they otherwise usually wouldn’t get the opportunity to.

Stay Focused and Avoid Wasted Time

How often have you gone out for lunch with coworkers only to have been gone longer than intended? Imagine how much time could be saved by eating at the office instead, which is often at the top of an employer’s mind when they offer free lunches.

Not only are employees more likely to get back to work on time if they eat at the office, but sometimes they are even compelled to work while eating (which isn’t encouraged but does sometimes happen). This kind of behaviour can help clear deadlines quicker and is also a huge bonus to a company’s bottom line.

Occasional Treat or Daily Bonus

Free lunches don’t have to be a daily thing. A business can look into providing free meals only on Friday, or even only once a month. Even this small gesture is enough to boost company morale and give something for your employees to look forward to every once and a while.

Some companies will order catering for early-morning meetings that provide coffee and scones, while others will save it for special occasions like celebrating a milestone. Either way, corporate catering has its advantages, and a company looking to remain competitive in Toronto might just want to look into including this as one of their many perks.