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2 Important Advantages of Hiring a Professional for Your Concrete Basement Window Project

2 Important Advantages of Hiring a Professional for Your Concrete Basement Window Project

Published by Programme B

Like many homeowners, you may be considering replacing your old basement windows for the many advantages the newer ones offer. You may even be considering completing this project yourself. However, there are some advantages to hiring a professional concrete contractor to replace your basement window. 

#1 You Minimize Risk  

Many homeowners believe that they’ll save time and money by replacing their basement windows themselves. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong. Even if you have some skill at working with concrete, you can’t compete with the expertise of a contractor. 

Concrete cutting requires powerful tools and can be complex. If you damage infrastructure by cutting at the wrong angle or by measuring incorrectly, then you’ll be left with expensive repair bills that your insurance may not cover. 

A professional concrete cutting contractor has experience working with tools. Moreover, they have top-of-the-line equipment that helps them complete the job efficiently. Using these tools, they can measure areas with pinpoint precision before they cut. What’s more, they can also scan areas to avoid hazards.  

You should only trust experienced professionals with basement window replacement – because in the wrong hands, the job can easily turn into a nightmare for a homeowner. Not only will they understand the anatomy of basement windows and their mechanics, but they’ll have the skills to adapt to most challenges. 

Even if your basement window is too small, a capable contractor can use the wall-saw can enlarge it or cut an entirely new window. With the right professional installing your new basement window, you’ll gain the following benefits:

    • Aesthetic appeal: Newer basement windows add visual appeal that can increase the value of your home. This can help you sell your home for a higher price or earn more money when you rent out your basement apartment. 


  • Improved Ventilation: Upgraded basement windows can greatly improve ventilation. Not only will this reduce the musty smell, but it can reduce your air conditioning bills in the summer. 
  • More Sunlight: If your basement is used as a living space, then the extra light can help reduce energy bills. Basements with older windows often need artificial light at all hours. What’s more, sunlight is better for your body’s circulation and the natural production of vitamin D. 
  • Escape Route: By law, basement apartments are required to have windows that can be used as escape routes. In an emergency, like a fire or carbon monoxide exposure, an Egress window can be the difference between life and death because of its size and functionality. 


#2 Waste Management 

Basement cutting can be messy. Once your project is complete, you’ll be thankful to have contractors who can professionally get rid of the waste. Concrete cutting can also be hazardous for the environment. Water is often used to cool down concrete cutting tools. This can result in an unhealthy by-product that only a professional can safely recycle. What’s more, concrete cutting causes the release of potentially deadly dust. Only professionals have the safety equipment and training to deal with this. 

These are the two main advantages of using a professional to complete your basement window project. Remember to hire a company that’s fully insured, experienced, certified, and highly rated.