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How to pick reliable online casino

How to pick reliable online casino

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So, what does online casino reliability include?

1. Reputation.Online casino, proven by time and payouts. It is best to play in those online casinos that have managed to positively recommend themselves for at least 3 years. At the same time, it is better to double-check the information about online casinos in other sources, since on the official page some “newly minted” online casinos like to position themselves as “oldest and most reliable.”

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2. Having a secure connection and data protection. Every day, casino sites are attacked, because there is no end to those who want to make money on the gratuitous. And the players’ accounts, along with their personal data and deposits can be vulnerable to such attacks. But there is a great solution for data encryption – using online casino SSL protection protocols. Now, this is the highest level of protection against third-party intrusions and illegal theft. Play only in reliable online casinos which keep up with the times and constantly update their protection algorithms and encrypt user data.

3. Reliable registration and verification of player data. If you want to play for money, in any case you will need to go through the registration procedure. You can play without registration only for fun – there is no way to win money without registering.

Player registration is needed at an online casino to weed out scammers and bots. If luck smiles at you, you need to know how to accrue winnings. In addition, in this way the site checks whether the user has registered and has reached the age of majority.

The rules of online casinos regarding registration can be different – some require a scan of a passport or other identification card (driver’s license). Sometimes even the manager calls you back to confirm the data during registration. You can read about all this on the online casino website itself. And although this complicates the registration process somewhat, it is an indicator of the casino’s concern for its player. More checks – more protection and peace of mind for your account and data.

Attention!!! never give full card details (secret CV code on the back of the card).

4. Software. Threat to catch the virus. Casinos with a good reputation and software are choosing the most famous manufacturers of online slot machines. The most legendary developers are PlayTech, Microgaming, NetEnt, etc. These brands in the list of online casino software are themselves guarantors of quality.

Another thing is the download links. Be careful where you download software from – it’s worth doing only from trusted, reliable online casinos. The availability of high-quality antivirus programs on your computer will be only a plus for you.

5. Means of payment and withdrawal of money. As a rule, casinos with a good rating provide a choice of 5 or more payment methods and withdrawals. If you are worried about the safety of your account, you can pay not by card, but through electronic payment systems (Paypal, Skrill and others), by bank transfer or through a payment terminal.

6. Availability of real-time support. Another indicator of the reliability of a casino is its customer service. Ideally, it should be of two types:

  • in real time (chat, phone);
  • in offline format (e-mail and postal address).

If there are no such services on your chosen site with casino games, run from this site. Play only on reliable websites, always pay attention to the reputation and data protection on the chosen website.