The Future Of The Automotive Industry: What To Expect In 2020

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The automotive industry is changing continuously with new technology and brand-new designs to excite car lovers up and down the country. But what could possibly be implemented that can revolutionise the design of the cars we drive every day and make us want to give up driving our beloved used fiat vehicles. In this article, we will be looking into what is next for the automotive industry as we head into 2020.

Vehicle Health And Tracking

For those that are a fan of technology, there is a lot to be excited about in 2020 when it comes to what’s next for the automotive industry. But by far one of the biggest trends to take hold of the industry is the ability to track the health of your car from your phone. Whether it is the tire pressure, engine issues or another maintenance issue, you will have a push notification informing you of this and alerting you to the issue over time.

Further Development In Electric Cars

Though vehicle maintenance tracking is a very useful tool, we are set to see many more electric cars hitting the market in 2020 from a wide range of retailers. This is due to electric cars becoming a highly popular option alongside hybrids as a cleaner option for the daily commute. Though we are yet to see a number of these brand-new models, it is looking highly likely that electric cars will become far more widely available throughout the year as well as into the beginning of 2021.

Increased Utilization Of Carbon Fibre

Whether this is just for accents to add to the aesthetic look of a car or a complete car made out of carbon fibre, this is a trend that is set to take over the automotive industry in 2020. As the electric car becomes more and more popular, the need to produce car framework that is significantly lighter is rising. Due to the mouldable nature of carbon fibre the boot and headlight casing, as well as the bonnet, can be made out of the material. But carbon fibre can also be moulded to make the seats and other components to help reduce the weight of the car and help to prolong the battery life of modern-day electric cars.

Autonomous Vehicles

As technology continues to be implemented in cars, the use of fully autonomous vehicles is making their way onto the market. With Tesla being one of the industry leaders in this new style of technology, there have been a number of manufacturers testing the waters with a fully automated experience. Whether this is driving along the motorway, parking moving out of a car parking spot, automation of a vehicle can be used to prevent knocks, dents and scratches to your vehicle over the course of ownership.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new car before the new year or you are planning to wait and see what 2020 has to offer you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to an innovative and fresh design, regardless of the brand.