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The Life Lessons that Come with Playing Guitar

The Life Lessons that Come with Playing Guitar

Published by Programme B

According to Plato, music is a moral law as it gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and flight to the imagination. Undeniably for those who play musical instruments, this is true as music makes the world an entirely better place for them.


Not only are sounds soothing to the mind, but it also comes with a lot of health benefits like reduced stress levels, improved concentration and memory, better time management skills, and so on. For these reasons alone, there are hundreds of guitars for sale online and in physical stores for anyone to buy and master.


However, aside from the health benefits that come with strumming away on your guitar, it comes with valuable life lessons that you should learn and remember. For your benefit, here are a few of the essential lessons you will pick up when you play the guitar:


Patience is everything


So, you finally bought your instrument from the thousands of guitars for sale you keep seeing. Now comes the part where you need to learn it. You might try a few chords and start strumming, only to find that you cannot seem to do it correctly. When this happens, you have to remember that you’re new to this, and it’ll come to you with practice.


No one is good at something right away, especially not with a skill that needs years of practice and mastering. In all seriousness, no one came out of their mother’s womb as a rock star. Playing guitar will teach you the value of patience and determination, and that waiting to get to where you want to be is worth it.


Hard work pays off


Similar to the fact that patience is everything, you will also learn the value of working hard for what you want. Playing guitar takes not only time but calloused fingers.


If you want to master playing your instrument, you will need to learn and practice more than once a week. If you wish to, instead of learning through online tutorials, you can also enroll yourself to guitar lessons to ensure that you are learning correctly.


Once you work hard and finally hit the right notes with ease, you will be delighted with how proud you are of yourself and your achievement. It will help you remember that hard work always pays off.


Mistakes are okay


Making mistakes is okay, especially when you’re learning something new. With guitars as popular as ever, thousands of beginners learn that it’s okay not to be great right away.


You cannot possibly know right away, which are the correct chords, and what technique is easy for you when it comes to switching chords during a performance, and you will inevitably make mistakes. But the mistakes you make along the way will help you grow better and remind you that the experience and joy you get through playing is more important.


Goals are important


Although having fun and feeling fulfilled when playing an instrument is essential, the main goal is still to learn how to play. You will realize that setting your own goals, no matter how tiny, is an integral part of achieving success.


Your first goal might be to buy an instrument from the list of guitars for sale online. After that, make your next goal to find the right teacher for you. Next, learn one chord, and then two, and so on, until you finally master everything you need to learn.


Apart from these lessons, there are a lot more things you will pick up when you learn to play the guitar, and these are only the essential ones. Ultimately, the important thing is that you have fun learning and feel proud of the result you have achieved.  

Photo by 42 North from Pexels