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Timeboxing, or the Secret of Elon Mask’s Productivity

Timeboxing, or the Secret of Elon Mask’s Productivity

Published by Programme B

Timeboxing is a time management method, according to which each task is given a separate period of time (that is, a time box). The different sources tend to claim that the style of life that Elon Mask leads is created thanks to these time boxes as well. So, what is this all about?


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Okay, we’ve got carried away. Let’s get back to the timeboxing.

The problems timeboxing is gonna help you solve

Time management is accompanied by many problems that prevent us from effectively using self-organization tools. Here are just a few of the troubles we face that the method of time boxes is aimed to help you with:

  1. Procrastination, that is, putting things on the back burner for too long. Such a problem can lead to non-compliance with the deadlines, the stress level increasing, and the lack of motivation.
  2. The slow pace of actually performing the tasks. The habit of doing everything in a too laid-back and chilling way, that is, at a slow pace, can significantly increase the time spent on a task and reduce productivity.
  3. Ineffective planning. The habit of writing too long to-do lists without taking into account the current situation leads to the fact that the tasks in these lists are not done.
  4. Perfectionism. Spending too long a period of time to bring the result to perfection is often not worth it and leads you nowhere.
  5. Focus on the details to a really great extent is a way of acting in opposition to the Pareto Law. The law states that 80 percent of the work is done in 20 percent of the time, and the remaining 80 percent of the time is spent on honing the result and dwelling over the insignificant little things.

Thankfully, the timeboxing approach can help us release ourselves from the burden of all these troubles.


Here’s how it works

What is the method like?

  1. You write a to-do list, prioritize the tasks, and give each case a specific piece of time; for example, 8.00-9.00 – working on the deals, 9.00-9.15 – office gymnastics, 10.15-11.30 – calling the customers. Similarly, you can plan household chores – cleaning, cooking, fitness, etc.
  2. Plan it all according to your past experience. For example, if you know that drawing up a report takes an hour, you should not allocate one and a half.
  3. In addition to work tasks, do not forget about relaxation, tea parties, as well as important preventive measures of various ailments – office gymnastics, etc. And don’t forget that NativeCasinos can help you choose an online casino so that you can reset and make money at the same time.

This is an effective plan that allows you to reach a high level of efficiency and stop delaying things.

To conclude

Timeboxing is the allocation of a fixed amount of time for each case and task.