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Pink Himalayan Salt- A Better Option For You To Consume With Food

Pink Himalayan Salt- A Better Option For You To Consume With Food

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Pink Himalayan Salt- A Better Option For You To Consume With Food

Pink Himalayan salt is natural pink in color salt and it is mined nearer to the Himalayas. Most of the people claim that this salt is loaded with essential minerals and this salt is greatly responsible for providing excellent benefits on one’s health. No doubt for its amazing health benefits this type of salt is given greater priority. If you are eager to know all the informative things about it then here this article is right for you. Stay here and become well-informed about what pink salt is. 

What is salt?

Salt is a type of mineral that is largely consisting of sodium chloride. As the salt is containing sodium chloride in a greater quantity approx 98% by its mass, most of us use the word sodium and salt inter-changeably. Salt can be made through evaporating saltwater or through extracting solid salt from the subversive salt mines.

Before the salt reaches the market grocery stores, it passes through the process termed as refining. This is done for removing the impurities and other minerals alongside sodium chloride. However, the anti-caking agents are often added in order to help to absorb moisture and iodine is also included that helps users in preventing the deficiency of iodine.

We all make use of the salt for preserving the food and adding flavor to the food.

Additionally, sodium is playing a crucial role in different biological functions that are including nerve conduction, contraction of muscles and of course balancing fluid. No doubt for this purpose it is very much important for one to have sodium or salt in your diet.

However, there are many health professionals that are claiming that sodium can cause greater blood pressure as well as heart diseases.

Therefore due to many dangers that are discovered from consuming the table salt, nowadays people have started consuming Pink Himalayan salt. They judge that this salt a healthier substitute.

About Himalayan Pink salt-

Pink Himalayan Salt-3

Pink Himalayan salt or pink salt is named as it is because of its pink in color. This salt is acquired from the mine named Khewra Salt Mine. It is situated nearer the Himalayas. This mine is the oldest as well as the biggest mine into the world. However, the salt that from this mine is harvested is believed to be formed about millions of years in the past and from the ancient water bodies’ evaporation.  This salt is hand dig out and is processed minimally for yielding the unrefined product that is fully free of all sorts of additives. Thus it is considered as the natural salt as compared to that of the ordinary one we use. But similar to the ordinary salt, this salt is containing sodium chloride.

Because of the process of natural harvesting Pink Himalayan salt tends to possess several other minerals and it traces the elements that are not easily found into the normal salt that we use. Some of them estimate that it might contain up to 84 ranges of minerals. In fact, in its presence of iron let it have pink color as its characteristics.

Does the salt contain more minerals?

Pink Himalayan Salt-5

Both ordinary salt and Pink Himalayan salt is consisting of sodium chloride. The pink salt is having 84 other minerals and trace rudiments. It includes common minerals such as calcium and potassium and is lesser known minerals such as molybdenum and strontium. Keeping aside the minerals that are found in pink salt like sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, his salt is effective enough at providing greater health benefits.

How this salt is made in use?

Pink Himalayan salt is having many non-dietary and dietary uses.

A user can eat it and cook using it-

As you use ordinary salt for cooking purpose you can also use pink Himalayan salt. You can put it into the marinades and sauces or add to the food at dinning. Some users use it as a cooking surface. The large block of salt can be bought and can be used to sear, grill and impart those salty flavors to the food like meat, etc. You can buy Pink Himalayan salt finely ground the same as that of the ordinary salt.


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Whenever you measure the salt through its volume, it is very much essential for you to see how finely the salt ground. Might be you make use of coarse salt in larger quantities in order to match the finely ground salt saltiness. It is because the finely ground salt is closely packed than the coarse salt.

Moreover, the Pink Himalayan salt is containing less sodium chloride as compared to the ordinary salt that you may need to account when cooking. The present dietary guidelines recommend us that an adult consumes more than 2300mg of sodium each day, It is equal to the 1 teaspoon of the finely ground salt. When coming to using Pink Himalayan salt, it will be better that you check out the nutrition level. This is because the content of sodium varies widely based upon the brand.

Non-dietary uses-

Pink Himalayan salt is having many dietary uses and there are also several non-dietary uses. This salt is used in bath salt that assures in improvising the skin conditions and also soothing the sore muscles.

Also, the salt lamp is designed that is usually made up of Pink Himalayan salt. This claims at eliminating air pollutants. These lamps are consisting of a big block of salts with the inner light source that is heating the salts.

Moreover spending the time into the man-made caves that are formed out of pink salt has become a popular option among those seeking for improving the problems related to respiratory and skin.

According to the research, these dietary uses are weaker and also more thorough studies are needed for confirming these claims.

Few health benefits of pink salt-

  • Improves respiratory diseases
  • Eliminate the aging sign
  • Balances the PH level of body
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Increases Libido
  • Guarantees better quality of sleep

No doubt Pink Himalayan salt is much better than the table salt. You should get this to make your health and environment healthier.