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The Benefits Of Water Soluble CBD For Consumption

The Benefits Of Water Soluble CBD For Consumption

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Most people around the world have a very hectic schedule. They don’t have the time to exercise regularly, prepare healthy meals, and keep their mental health in check. The desire to live a healthy lifestyle in the most effortless way possible is one of the reasons why CBD-infused products are getting more and more popular.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural compound from the cannabis or hemp plant. These plants undergo unique extraction processes to produce CBD oils with different potencies and organic compounds.

Today, CBD-infused products that are easily ingestible are available in the market. Aside from the variety, long-term use of CBD will not result in addiction or cause feelings of being “high.”


What is Water Soluble CBD and Why is it Different?

Everyone knows that oil and water don’t mix together. This happens because the two compounds have different molecular structures that form separate layers once combined together. Water molecules bond together while oil molecules do not.

The human body is composed of 60% water, which means that it can’t quickly absorb pure CBD oil. Because of this, the bioavailability of CBD products significantly decreases.

Bioavailability talks about how fast your bloodstream can absorb certain substances or compounds. The higher the bioavailability is, the faster the body absorbs the content of the product and experience its effects.

Given that 60% of the body contains water, taking CBD oil in its purest form won’t guarantee that all of its healthy compounds will immediately go to your bloodstream. According to studies, the bioavailability of CBD once consumed orally is only about 4%.

The low bioavailability of consuming CBD orally motivated scientists and researchers in the CBD industry to produce water-soluble alternatives. Water-soluble CBD doesn’t mean that the product can dissolve in water; water-soluble CBD actually contains molecules that are more compatible with water so it can quickly make its way into your system.

Benefits of Consuming Water Soluble CBD

CBD targeting anxiety is a common benefit among all CBD-infused products. But, are you aware that taking water-soluble CBD can enhance this benefit and even provide other benefits, as well?

By consuming water-soluble CBD regularly, you get to enjoy the following benefits:


  1. Higher Bioavailability

By taking water-soluble CBD, you can ensure that your body absorbs the most nutrients from the CBD in the fastest way possible. As mentioned above, water and oil don’t mix, but the molecules of water-soluble CBD blends well with water, which can result in higher bioavailability.

Higher bioavailability translates to the increased absorption rate. The greater the absorption rate is, the lesser CBD is required for you to experience its health benefits.


  1. Affordability

High-quality and potent CBD oil is not cheap. On average, you need to spend around $700 to $1500 every month to enjoy all of the health benefits of CBD. Paying for this amount can take a toll on a person’s financial health, especially if they have a shoestring budget.

The reason why most people spend this amount of money is that they have to buy more CBD oil (often with higher potency) to experience its health benefits.

You won’t have to spend this much money when you use water-soluble CBD. Water-soluble Because of its higher bioavailability, you won’t have to double or increase your doses just to experience the desired effects of the product, which means that you’ll end up saving more money in the long run.


  1. Versatile Use

Because of terpenes, CBD oil has a strong odor and taste. This kind of flavor can be unbearable to most people. This is especially true if you’re planning to introduce the product to kids.

Water-soluble CBD is actually very versatile. Because of the developments in technology, incorporating water-soluble CBD to beverages, food, and other types of products is now made possible. 

Today, you can find several chocolates, gummies, and vape oils that contain water-soluble CBD. With these products, you won’t have to suffer from the bitterness of pure CBD oil.


Talk To Your Doctor First

How water-soluble CBD interacts with the human body to provide several health benefits can be very enticing. Since the human body can tolerate high doses of CBD, some people even believe that this product is better than over-the-counter medications.

No matter how enticing water-soluble CBD is, you should never use it unless approved by your doctor. Your body can positively interact with the compounds in CBD, but using any CBD-infused products with other medications can increase your chances of experiencing severe side effects and health complications. Thus, before taking in any form of CBD, always talk to your doctor first.