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34 Insanely Smart DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas

34 Insanely Smart DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas

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Everyone tries to make the order of the kitchen at the highest level. A good organization of each and everything is required if you want you to have a clean kitchen. We all know that a kitchen is a place where there is extra stuff, and the need of ours is to keep everything in a good manner. 

Now the question arises that not all of the kitchens have spacious space in order to keep the stuff in place. In order to avoid the messy environment of the kitchen, we do have some tips that will help you out in creating extra storage inside your kitchen. 

It is all about repurposing unused items for useful purposes. Many of the DIY ideas are present in order to make your kitchen clean and organized. These DIY ideas are simple and easy to handle. You just have to be imaginative and creative while digging out such ideas. You can alter your cabinets by prefacing it or there could be other ideas as well. Let us discuss some of those ideas. If you are a lover of modern kitchen appliances like rotimatic then you bring some more appliances that will help you do things better for you.


Best Ideas for the Kitchen Storage are as below

Add a chalkboard grocery list board to your storage cabinet and never forget a thing:

This will help you out in maintaining and organizing your kitchen. You will not forget anything and there is no requirement in order to put some sort of sticky notes in different places.

Organize your cutting boards in a very simple way:

You have to organize the cutting boards in a vertical manner as it would cover less space and helps you to make your kitchen mess-free.

Barbecue sticks make a very inexpensive knives holder:

You do not have to buy knives holder in order to keep the knives in order. Barbecue sticks are proved out to be an outclass holder for knives.

Add retractable drawers to help you organize your sanitary supplies:

What you can do is to reface the cabinet down sanitary supplies. It will keep all of your sanitary things that are required for cleaning purposes.

Vertical storage for your plates can make it easier to find what you need:

It is definitely the best way to keep things organized. 

Party hats can be a very inexpensive way to organize your cooking utensils:

Party hats are proved to be the best option for reducing storage in the kitchen.

A simple retractable rack can help you organize your pots and pans:

These racks help you to maintain the utensils in an organized manner.

Store your pots and pans in a retractable cabinet:

This retractable cabinet helps you a lot in order to store the pots and pans. 

Use jars to easily organize spices:

Many of the jars are present unused in the kitchen, you can make them use if you want to store spices.

Keep everything at hand’s reach with this simple retractable shelf:

Through the retractable shelf, you can easily access everything you want. 

Keep your pots and pans organize by making a cabinet that can be pulled out:

Most of the time the pots and pans are present in a messy way. Make sure to put all the pans in place.

Store your cooking utensils and pots on a pegboard for easy access:

Pegboard is something, which helps you a lot to make your kitchen look well maintained.

Separate your cups in an elegant and organized way:

Cups must be present in a separate manner for it will make your kitchen worthwhile. 

Instead of throwing away tin cans, you can use them to craft an economical way to store your utensils:

Tins are an easy way to store things, as it would be more economical, and will act as an environmentally friendly thing. 

Use a pegboard for a universal rack:

Pegboard rack can be used as a universal rack. Everything can be adjusted easily on it.

Use romantic for cooking purposes:

It is a very useful thing in order to reduce the storage in the kitchen. Rotimatic machines are something people love to use for cooking purposes. latest rotimatic reviews on the web proved this instrument to be the best one for kitchen purposes.

The following are some of the additional DIY essentials in order to make more storage to your kitchen.

  • Tin cans are a very reasonable way to well maintain your utensils.
  • An empty wall is an easy way to place your utensils, this will also make your kitchen look more beautiful.
  • Sometimes the cooking bottles require a lot of space in the kitchen; you can point out the obstacles and make sure that they stay away.
  • Build a pullout shelf where you need it most, as it will easily make all of the things accessible and easy to reach. 
  •  A small and simple spice rack can be of great help when cooking, this rack will save out your time while cooking and you can easily get anything from it.
  • Repurpose unused jugs and vases as utensil organizers, you can put jams or ketchup in these jars.
  • Label everything to spend less time looking for whatever you need, this will save your time and there is no need to search out anything. 
  • Make elevated spice racks in a drawer for better readability and easier access, this creative idea will definitely provide you with ease. 
  • You can use the side of a countering order to reduce the storage.
  • Creating an easy vertical spice rack by the aid of gluing jar lids will help you a lot.
  • An old toolbox can become a chic serving tray.
  •  If you do not know what to do with all of those goblets, store utensils in them.
  • Increase storage space and organize your cleaning supplies.
  •  Pull out storage is very useful.
  • Keep cereals freshly stored in plastic bottles.
  • Baskets and a pegboard are a great combination when it comes to organizing your kitchen.
  • Use the inside of your cabinet doors to store smaller utensils.
  • Storing lids is very easy with a single metal bar.

So these are some of the DIY essentials that help you to organize your kitchen in a well-mannered way. Also, it decreases storage for kitchen purposes.