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All You Need To Know About Vibration Machine

All You Need To Know About Vibration Machine

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Imagine lying on your favorite couch, with a bowl of popcorn, binge-watching your favorite Netflix series, all that without any guilt that you should rather be at the gym? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Now, imagine if you get told it is possible. Most of us will probably pass out of joy – if I am not exaggerating.

You must have heard of the new work-out trend, which goes by the name of passive exercise. This trend allows lazy peas (that most of us are) to tone their abs and get that drool-worthy body by not putting in much effort and by definitely skipping the gym. Yes, you heard that right fella – it is possible, however with the right equipment. Specific equipment has been designed to serve the purpose of passive exercise.

If what is written above did catch you off guard, or at least made you realize that it is a fantasy come true, grab a bag of chips and binge-read this article, for it has everything you need to know about the ultimate passive workout machine – the vibration machine.

What Is Vibration Machine

To understand what vibration machines are and what do they do, we must go through the phenomenon of ‘whole-body vibration’ first.

The Whole Body Vibration

The trend of passive exercising or to be more specific – the whole body vibration started in the Soviet Union when the astronauts of the USSR made use of ‘vibrating plates’ for the purpose of stimulation during their space travels. The world of today is free, and news spreads faster than the bushes catch fire, especially if the news is positive. This positive change, or say, discovery in the fitness world caught people – both ordinary and the experts – off guard. And, surprisingly with no further delay, companies began to include vibration exercises for the entire body in every space program.

How It Works

Vibration machines come in a variety of platforms. Commonly known as the vibration platforms, they have the most common form of vibration exercising feature in them.

The most common type of vibration platform allows the individual to stand on the platform and bent their knees. When ready, the switch in the machine needs to be flipped on and the platform starts to vibrate. The vibration frequencies are adjustable, and the levels vary from one machine to another. The most usual setting is 30 vibrations per second (VPS).

Here is the reason as to why 30 VPS is the lowest adjustable level. For the human body, 30 vibrations per second is a bit too much – means it is considered not normal. And whenever our body thinks something is not normal, it causes a reaction or ‘reflex’. Like an alarm, stress reflux is caused in the body which makes the muscles contract. This reflux is the point of the whole passive exercise phenomenon. The contraction of muscles gives rise to a wave of physiological changes in the body – which includes stability, strength, changes in blood flow, etc.


Anyone who this new wonder-machine intriguing must be wondering what feature it contains. Any machine’s features are what distinguish it from the rest. Just like that, the features of vibration machines are the key distinguishers, setting the good ones apart from the ordinary ones. Here, let us examine the key features of a good vibration machine.

1 – A Remote Control

Most vibration machines do not come with a stand or support, and you most definitely would not want to adjust the vibrations first and then adjust yourself to the platform. Due to this reason, vibration machines come with a portable remote. It helps adjust the vibrations as per your liking, at any moment.

2 – Wheels

To make the transport of machine to whichever room you like (bathrooms, kitchens, what-so-ever), most of them come with small wheels to make it more seamless for you.

3 – LED Display

Now, who wouldn’t want to boast about their hard work, especially done for fitness – even if it is just for them? To keep you motivated and remind you of how far you have come, vibration machines come with a led display that shows you data such as calorie burn, the total work out time, total vibrations, etc.

4 – Colors

Aesthetics are motivating. Due to this, platform vibration machines come in a variety of colors – from bright to soft. No more worrying about having to hide your work out machines just because they don’t match with your home décor.


Versatility – Offers a Variety of Benefits

The overall design of a vibration machine gives off a diversity of fitness benefits. Knowing about what this fitness machine has to offer is necessary. As per the manufacturers of vibration machines, they increase the muscular strength of the individual, combat many health problems related to fats, improves overall body appearance by decreasing cellulite, helps people suffering from joint diseases and joint pain, helps cardio-vascular patients and gives general health and fitness benefits.

Convenient and User-Friendly – Easy to Use for Children and Adults Alike

Most fitness machines are created with high intensity in mind. Thus, when the users first start with any fitness machine, they keep the pace minimum. Starting with a relatively slow pace, the speed, for instance, vibrations in the case of a vibration machine keeps are increased with passing time, as the user gets used to it. Human beings like things in control and that are exactly what make fitness machines a human favorite. With vibration as low as 30 VPS, Vibration platform machines are ideal, for newbies, fitness junkies, children and adults alike.

Beginners find the vibration platform user-friendly not only because of its adjustability but the convenience of other excising tools it has to offer. All one has to do is step on it with a remote in hand, and the machines do the work for you, and you get to have the horse’s reins in your hand – what could be more perfect?

Moreover, the instruction about the machine is written on itself, making it a lot easier for the users. This is to make the person accustomed and used to it. Do you see how much does this machine already cares about you? Here are three exercises people typically do with a vibration machine.

Whole Body Vibration Exercise

Whole-body vibration exercises are for the people looking forward to losing some pounds of their body weight and/or improve their overall fitness. To do the whole body vibration, the individual is required to either lie or sit on the platform. As the switched is flipped on, the vibrations will transmit to the whole body of the user, and force the muscles to contract several times a second.

Cardio Exercise

There are vibration machines that allow its users to do aerobics. These machines are specifically designed to include this feature. This is done using the magic mat, which comes with the vibration machine. A variety of exercises is performed such as that of knees, squats and stutter steps. The vibrations help increase the heart rate and blood flow.

Exercise for Decreasing Cellulite Visibility

Cellulite is stubborn, and some of us can’t get rid of it no matter how many hours we spent in the gym or how many diet plans we follow. Usually, on thighs and legs, vibration machines can help you get rid of it, and make your skin like 18 years old in less than 6 weeks.

Choosing the Best one Might be a Bit Difficult than You Thought

Now if you have finally decided to bring a vibration machine home, you will want to do proper research on them. Buying one is a process that takes time, especially if you are not familiar with fitness equipment.

Luckily, the internet provides you with a variety of them. The online markets offer open reviews – you can see for yourself which source is reliable and if it is worth buying at all. Read the reviews with care, and do not go for any sight that has does not provide reviews in comments.

Understand the Pros and Cons – Look for Reviews from Potential Buyers

No one can tell you the pros and cons of a vibration machine better than a buyer. As mentioned earlier, do proper research. This will save you a lot of money, time, grief, regret and motivation. Therefore, if you have decided to purchase your first vibration machine online, do check the website for the ‘feedback’ or ‘comments’ section. For instance, provides a section for feedback where buyers share their experience with the seller and the product. It is highly advisable not to trust sites that do have a feedback section – for obvious reasons.

The reason why this should not be compromised at any cost is that it is significant in rehabilitating the body – which needs motivation and once lost, it can be very difficult to make up the mind and trust the trends again.


In today’s world, where most of us put the comfort and convenience above all, even health, the vibration machines are no less of a wonder. With great benefits and versatile functions, vibration machines are ideal for everyone – from athletes to fitness junkies and couch potatoes. However, it exerts advice consulting health professionals for people with cardio-vascular or osteoporosis diseases before beginning with the vibration platform machine.