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Health Benefits Of Biotin

Health Benefits Of Biotin

Published by Programme B

Biotin is a B complex vitamin that is water-soluble and plays an important role in various functions of the human body. It helps to convert food into energy and is present in a range of foods including nuts, legumes, whole-grains, mushrooms, cauliflower, and organ meats. Also known as Vitamin H or Vitamin B7 it is also famous for its external benefits of making the hair, nail, and skin strong. Though biotin is present in natural foods, not everyone can consume it enough on a regular basis. To prevent its deficiency, biotin supplements can be taken so that its benefits are made use of.  Here are some of the benefits you can get from biotin. 

Stimulates hair growth: The biggest benefit that biotin provides is that it aids in hair growth. It stimulates the hair to grow thicker and stronger making it appear lustrous. Biotin helps in producing keratin which results in the hair growing back quickly and also to look healthy. It can also be used by people who have dull hair due to health issues or by healthy people who want to have good-looking hair. Biotin supplements are useful for people who suffer from digestive issues due to which the right amount of nutrients and vitamins are not absorbed. So people who are having nutrient deficiencies can improve their hair health by consuming biotin. 

Better skin: Vitamin B7 deficiency can lead to many skin health issues. These issues can be external like having dry, itchy skin or more serious issues like psoriasis. This vitamin also plays a critical role in the functioning of the nervous system and also affects the hormones. So reduced biotin leads to hormonal imbalance which results in the skin looking undernourished. Also if the skin is not nourished properly from the inside, the nervous system will form toxicities. That will manifest itself on the skin making it look dull, dehydrated and old. 

While there are many topical skin products that claim to correct these issues, the vitamin is not fully absorbed by the body and thus is ineffective. To get rid of the biotin deficiency taking biotin supplements will ensure that all its benefits are received and the skin gets a glow and look healthy and beautiful. 

Strengthens nails: Biotin is not only popular for improving skin and hair health but also strengthening brittle nails. As per clinical studies, people who took biotin supplements have seen a thickening in their nail plate by up to 25%. Read more about the benefits of biotin at as it is also proven that biotin can reduce nail splitting and can endure nail breakage more than before. Clinical trials have shown that a large percentage of the participants reported better nail strength after taking a biotin supplement for 6 months.   


Helps in metabolizing energy: Biotin is a cofactor for carboxylases which are enzymes that aid in fats, carbs and protein metabolism. These enzymes are essential for 

  • cellular energy generation
  • Production of glucose from non-carbohydrate foods which includes amino acids
  • Breaking down and construction of fatty acids for energy
  • Release of insulin
  • Breaking down amino acids essential for neurotransmitter production


When the levels of Vitamin B7 are low the body cannot perform the above functions and the metabolism slows down. That results in fatigue and digestive issues. Taking biotin supplements helps in improving the metabolism and the body is more energetic. 


Aids in weight loss: Apart from boosting the metabolism biotin also results in increasing the resting rate metabolism too. That results in faster weight loss especially when it is taken in conjunction with chromium. But note that it is not a diet pill and this supplement has to be taken along with a healthy diet for a speedy weight loss. 


Aids in cell growth: Biotin is necessary for some of the essential functions of your body. One of the main roles of Vitamin H is that it aids in regulating DNA formation. It ensures that the genetic information present in each cell replicates and works properly. This becomes very critical especially when the cells divide quickly during pregnancy. So it is necessary to consume biotin supplements during pregnancy as it helps the fetus. Also, since this vitamin is water-soluble excess biotin gets flushed out and hence it is not toxic. 


Boost the functioning of the immune system: Lack of Vitamin B7 is associated with increased infection risk and also decrease in immunity in general. Biotin is essential for the production of cytokines which are needed to fight infection by virus and bacteria. When the biotin levels are low there is a decrease in the production of antibodies, reducing spleen cells, and T cell decay. Taking this vitamin as a supplement can boost the functioning of the immune system. 


Regulates blood sugar: Biotin is beneficial in regulating blood sugar which is useful for people who are suffering from diabetes. As per studies, Vitamin H can help in lowering the blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin secretion. Hence it is useful for people who have both Type 1 and 2 diabetes. Also, patients who have diabetes suffer from enzyme buildup which can cause nerve damage. Low levels of biotin result in the buildup and hence taking it as a supplement not only regulates blood sugar but also prevents nerve damage.  


Reduces bad cholesterol: The LDL, low-density lipoprotein is also known as the bad cholesterol and if its levels are high it can lead to many heart ailments. That can, in turn, lead to a heart attack or even stroke. In order to maintain proper levels of LDL, research shows that Vitamin H can help. It increases the levels of good cholesterol and reduces the inflammation and buildup of plaque in arteries. So, biotin can lower the risk of stroke and heart attack. 


Biotin is essential for a healthy body from hair, skin, nails to boosting metabolism, reducing bad cholesterol to regulating blood sugar. Include this as part of your healthy diet to get all the advantages this Vitamin has to offer to lead a healthy life. 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels