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Styling tips for teenagers during winter

Styling tips for teenagers during winter

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

After going through a grueling, hormonal pubertal period, teenagers, especially young ladies, tend to channel their personality through vivid changes that help them define their growth. Adolescence is a pivotal growing period – a teenager learns how to express themselves through a series of developmental changes that are crucial for self-expression and ultimately, growth

For many young teenagers, fashion is considered as one of the key routes of self-expression. From experimenting with lumpy, comfortable clothing to applying make-up for the first time – adopting the latest styles and fads is somewhat considered a prerequisite for teenagers! Teenagers prefer casting a unique shadow before their social circle, mainly because of peer pressure and the rising demands of appearing more sophisticated yet casual and stylish.

While some teenagers might enjoy the luxury of an allowance, many try to struggle through adolescence for creating an impression; especially during winter. For teenagers who are nowhere near the phase or age of working part-time, it is necessary to make do with whatever they’ve got!

With the help of our winter styling tips mentioned below, teenagers can learn how to channel their creativity and self-expression into their personality boldly! By playing dress-up and mix-and-match with their wardrobe, teenagers can escape the ‘frumpy styles’ and make the most of what they already own!

  1. The Classy Beanie and Combat Boots – the Walking Companion

Once the weather starts becoming a bit cooler, you’re stuck with your basic sweaters that are too hot for you to wear during fall. But even if you decide to wear your tees during Halloween, you realize you feel a bit chilly – that’s a plain no-no! Fall is the time when you can get the most out of the balmy weather by combining both your warm and cool pieces! From sweatshirts to shrugs, and combat boots to a plain scarf around your neck, you can coordinate your outfits and still manage to look pretty stylish.

Pair a soft, ruffled beanie with your combat boots and a leather handbag for the perfect outfit fit for a morning or evening walk. Since ripped jeans are currently in fashion, get them from Pavement Clothing USA or take your old distressed pair and see a couple of YouTube DIY videos as to how you can rip them for an edgy finish. Invest in a few plain sweatshirts – basic black, grey, baby pink and white would do just fine – and a couple of scarves that you can interchange while you’re out on the go!

2. The Effortless Monochrome

Channeling monochrome in your day-to-day wear is a risky affair – especially when you don’t have many options to start with. But, everyone owns a plain grey sweatshirt or sweater, right? To start with this look, hit thrift stores or yard sales to find a cute, grey crossbody or a backpack that you can match with your grey sweatshirt. 

Add a little bling to your outfit, and make yourself a beaded necklace to sport your grey monochrome outfit. For the lower, try escaping the blue jeans with a black midi or miniskirt, or a pair of basic grey jeans that you might have hidden deep inside your closet! Borrow a pair of grey sunnies, cover your nails with a grey nail lacquer, and hit the town or school with an all-grey outfit on Fridays!

3. The Casual, Carefree Vibe for School

Going to school every day is a drag – we agree – but thinking what to wear before you hit the books is an even greater chore that we surely detest! You are not worried about getting up for school or doing your assignments, but going to your alma mater with a tee that you might have worn just a day before! 

Well, first of all, it’s essential to check off the list from head to bottom. Assemble a few basic tees and label them with a pair of jeans for each day. Next, wade through your sweaters, jackets, and shrugs, and color-coordinate them with your shoes for each day. Put your belts in apple-pie order – it’s not a crime to repeat the same every day, but you can surely get stylish belt buckles from any thrift store or online sales to sport your daily look.

For instance, if you plan on wearing a basic white tee to school, then cover yourself with a black, embellished sweater and a pair of white Canvases or Converses to escape the harsh winter breeze. Put your hair down, cover them with a soft grey woolen hat and let them flow to your shoulder. Add a soft, nude lip to your face and top off your entire look with an essential layer of mascara!

4. Layer Up!

Brrr – it’s snowing outside – and slowly, the weather will take a turn from being breezy to extremely cold and chilly. It’s time to take out your outerwear and wear double layers to school! From wearing a bomber jacket over your sweater to a quilted jacket over your denim jacket – it’s time to refuse to be ‘frumpy’ when you can be utterly cute and chic with your style!

5. Hello there, leggings!


Leggings are essential in winter – and summer – especially when you have an array of one-pieces that you’re dying to wear during the chilly weather! If the weather is slightly chilly, wear your sundresses, denim skirts, and midis to work by simply pairing them with your black mesh or leather leggings or skinny jeans to escape the wrath of the winter!

6. Trot in your Loungewear!

You wouldn’t know, but wearing loose jackets and oversized sweatshirts is not only cute but a standard fashionable trademark! For days when you’re tired and not in the mood to coordinate your outfits, wear an oversized sweatshirt (tip: invade your father’s or elder brother’s closet) and layer it with a structured jacket! 

Also, when you’re out of options or feeling ‘lazy’ doing your basic chores in the morning, simply wrap yourself in a long scarf or shawl and trot to school in your not-so-fashionable clodhoppers! Wear your chinos, trousers, or jeans – and simply tuck them into your boots! 

7. Give Priority to Comfort! 


When it’s freezing, try not to mix fashion with comfort. Your comfort should be prejudiced in winter, especially when you’re at risk of catching a cold and staying home from school! Wouldn’t you rather go to school and channel your chic yet the frumpy style of creativity than stay at home and dread the cute winks you might have gotten from your crush?

Winter is a chore – but making the most of it within your limited budget and wardrobe is what makes it endearing year after year! The best part about winter and fall is that you can repeat your styles from the summer without having anyone being a snob about your choice of attire as your sweaters and jackets will hide them all! 


Always remember to stock up on a pair of basic leather leggings or trousers, and of course, hoodies, sweatshirts, and beanies to make your winters drift away!