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Vintage Wedding Furniture Rental Ideas

Vintage Wedding Furniture Rental Ideas

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Vintage weddings are growing increasingly popular. As people try to differentiate their weddings from some of the most popular trends, some try to add a touch of a previous era to create a unique theme. There are many ways to make a wedding more vintage including clothing, venue choice and décor. However, many people forget the importance of vintage wedding furniture rental choices.

In your home, your furniture plays a huge role in your interior decoration. The same is true at a wedding. Beyond being functional, furniture also plays an important aesthetic role. If, for example, you wanted to have a California wedding, you may want to check out some of the great San Diego event rentals options for vintage furniture. It could really bring your vintage theme together.

Plain Wooden Chairs With Lace Decoration

One way you can bring a vintage look to your wedding is with plain, wooden chairs with a classic look. These can create a style that is reminiscent of an old-fashioned homestead. Add some extra flair to them with a lace wrap at the top. This is a simple look but also very impactful.

Chairs are one of the best ways to create a more classic look because they are prominently visible. If you are planning to use tablecloths, doing something vintage with the chairs is a must.

Uncovered Vintage Tables

Of course, you don’t have to use tablecloths just because it is the norm. Consider opting for some beautiful, carved wooden tables while foregoing the conventional tablecloths. This helps create a more vintage and rustic look. It is especially impactful because tables are so large and take up so much space in most reception areas.

Rectangular tables create more of a vintage style than circular ones. Although you can certainly find excellent rentals for both, the rectangular shape tends to have a little more rustic charm.

Attention-Grabbing Chairs for the Couple

Consider giving the couple some vintage chairs that will really stand out. It is common for the newlyweds to have different chairs during the reception, especially if they are at a sweetheart table. This is a great chance to add some vintage charm.

Chairs with elaborate metalwork and upholstery create a unique vintage look. Alternatively, consider a wicker-backed chair. Again, this is an older style that will add some unique character to your wedding.

Choosing the right furniture comes down to the rest of the styling of the wedding. For example, it may be more rustic or more aristocratic. The good news with vintage looks is that there are thousands of years of human history to draw from. Even in relatively recent eras, there are many unique looks to choose from all with an old-world charm.

Find the Right Rentals

Explore some of the rental options around the wedding location. You may be surprised by the numerous wedding rentals Los Angeles, San Francisco and the rest of California has to offer. Check out some of the options and use them to guide your theme. As you start to hone in on a look, the whole event will start to take shape.

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell from Pexels