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Companies Need Pro Shredders to Keep Totally Secure

Companies Need Pro Shredders to Keep Totally Secure

Published by Programme B

The rash of high profile data breaches written about in the news lately has put a spotlight on the importance of data security worldwide. Companies have both an ethical and often legal duty to ensure that their sensitive information never gets into the wrong hands. 

This includes a company’s own proprietary information about its business operations, as well as the personal and financial data of their customers. While the focus has largely been on digital security breaches, companies must do everything in their power to ensure they’re hermetically sealed against any kind of leak.

Read on to learn why it’s essential for today’s companies to hire professional shredding services to steer clear of non-digital data breaches.

Paper Documents are Everywhere

We might live in advanced technological age, but every business accumulates paper documents containing very private information. It’s simply an inevitable part of doing business.

Companies have paper documents pertaining to banking information, business plans, old contracts, marketing info, and may have records containing personal or financial information of their customers. The best mobile document shredders in London and the GTA can come right to your location to destroy such paper documents on-site, securely and conveniently. 


For larger volumes of paper to be destroyed, the best pro shredders will still come right to your door, but they’ll haul the sensitive info back to their facility where it will be destroyed securely. Either way, your company will never have to plan how to move such heavy data liabilities and have them destroyed securely — just a phone call is enough. 


Shredding Electronics

Every office contains electronic devices storing sensitive information. If this equipment is no longer needed, it may constitute a real risk. The safest thing to do is have it professionally shredded. 

When most people think about data risks in the office, they’ll think about electronics such as hard drives, computers, smartphones, and other devices that are designed to process data. This is all well and good, but other devices pose a risk too, and they need to be addressed.

For example, the memory card on office photocopiers and printers has been the source of data breaches before. Professional shredders won’t just discard the device; they’ll pulverize the microchip so that the data on them cannot possibly be retrieved. 


Specialty Destruction

Companies often keep sensitive information contained in forms that are specific to certain industries. For example, pharmaceutical companies need to keep their packaging confidential, since it contains names and health information. 

Companies across industries issue things like an ID or access cards, uniforms and more which could be a source of sensitive information. Think like a data thief: if your company issues anything storing information you don’t want in the wrong hands, then getting it professionally shredded is the safest thing you can do.

Privacy breaches due to hacking may be a hot topic today, but companies need to keep any sensitive information they have absolutely confidential. Calling the pro shredders is the surest way to keep totally secure.