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Emotional Triggers to Use in Mail Targeting Strategies

Emotional Triggers to Use in Mail Targeting Strategies

Published by Programme B

Psychology is the field that helps predicts human behavior in given situations. It can be used to trigger a favorable response to your mail retargeting strategies as well. In this fast-paced digital age, it isn’t easy to grab the consumer’s attention and retain it for long. Forbes Magazine states that direct mail does the trick, by eliciting a higher response rate, 4.4% when compared to e-mail, and 0.12% response rate. 

So, if you are tired of setting up digital retargeting campaigns with various triggers an analyzing the results to no end, then stop right now. We will help convert those IP addresses of your site visitors to a real address. We will then woo these customers with strategic emotional triggers that will result in increased sales for your business. Our mail retargeting strategies use the following emotional triggers:

Instant Gratification

Gen Z is addicted to quick fixes. Anything and everything they need has to be delivered instantly. This need for instant gratification can be triggered with strategic quantifiers such as “now,” “today,” “24 Hours,” etc. 

That said, these triggers should be used when you can fulfill the commitment. Because audiences can smell a manufactured urgency from a mile away, metaphorically speaking. 


As economists state, human wants are unlimited. Everybody wants something more. More money, more time, more friends, more comfort, the list can go on. It is easy to evoke this emotion of greed among consumers through mail retargeting.

First, identify what it is that you can offer that the customer wants. Then let them know how your business will gratify their wants via direct mail. 


Guilt is a two-pronged approach. It can suggest that you are not doing enough for your loved ones or yourself. Once you plant a doubt in the consumer’s mind about them failing at their responsibilities,  you can swoop in with a quick-fix of how your business can help them. 

A simple message like “are you doing enough to secure your child’s future?” is enough to trigger this emotion. 


Most of us are always in the state of self-presentation, thanks to social media. So, when we get to be part of something exclusive, we go for it without a thought. It gives more to present to the world. When your mail includes words such as “sneak peek,” “exclusive,” “only for you,” you trigger that need for exclusivity.


Flattery is good for the ego. When you boost the customer’s self-image, they are hooked. Suggestions that the customer has a good taste only deserve the best, and can know quality when they see it, can go a long way in flattering them. 

Then you swoop in with your pitch. Let customers know what your business can do to boost their ego further. The reverse can also work, where you tear down their ego and convince them that your product is the only thing that can help them. Please don’t overdo it, though. 

Going back to basics can sometimes is all you need to boost your sales. Using these emotional triggers in your mail retargeting campaign can help improve sales and increase your customer base. Direct mail still commands better attention over e-mails. So, please make use of it to take your business to new heights.