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Factors That Affect A Replacement Window’s Energy Efficiency

Factors That Affect A Replacement Window’s Energy Efficiency

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If you’re in the market for window replacement in Cedar Park, TX, you’ll want to ensure you purchase energy-efficient replacement windows that keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer. While you may think you can purchase any window with an “energy-efficient” label on it and call it good, there are several factors that affect their level of energy efficiency. Read for the essential tips and tricks for purchasing the best energy-efficient windows for your home.

  1. Efficiency Rating

Most energy-efficient windows come with an energy rating to help you determine the best windows for your heating and cooling needs. Here is a look at what the letters and numbers mean for you.


This number measures how well the window can keep heat from escaping. The lower the U-Factor number, the better your window will help your house retain heat. 

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

This number measures how the window will keep heat from entering your house. The lower the rating, the less heat gain you’ll experience, and the less you’ll have to spend to cool your home. This number is especially important to come summertime.

Visible Transmittance

This number deals with how much natural light the window will let into your home. The more light it lets in, the less you’ll spend to light your home with electricity. The higher the rating, the more light it lets into your home.

Air Leakage

Air leakage deals with how drafty your window will be. The lower the number, the less draftiness you’ll experience from your new window replacement in Cedar Park, Texas.

  1. Framing Material

In addition to the efficiency rating, an essential component of your new windows to consider is the framing material. Some framing materials are better at insulation than others.


Wood performs among the top when it comes to insulation. However, wood is often more expensive and needs replacement more frequently. Wood is also less resilient to weather and outdoor elements such as moisture and rot.


Fiberglass is fast becoming the framing material of choice due to its resistance to weather and level of insulation. Replacement is infrequent, and the material is exceptionally durable. 


Aluminum is inexpensive, strong, and durable, but it does not insulate well. While it may work well in warmer climates, in colder climates, using aluminum window frames would zero out any savings you may have gained from your energy-efficient glass choices.


Vinyl is hands-down the most popular window frame due to its insulation properties, durability, and low cost. If you’re looking for a cost-effective option for long-term window replacement in Cedar Park, Texas, vinyl is the way to go.

  1. Type of Glass

While it may sound simple, it’s essential to consider the glass itself as a source of energy efficiency. There are three standard options, and each has a set of advantages. 

Insulated Glass

Also known as double or triple-pane, these windows are crafted in such a way that a layer of air rests between two or more panes of glass. The separated panes of glass ensure a higher degree of energy efficiency by creating a barrier between outside and inside air.


Similar in concept to double or triple-pane windows, a gas is sealed between the panes, creating better energy efficiency than a cushion of air provides.

Low Emission Glass

This type of window has a nearly transparent material which reduces the impact of ultraviolet rays streaming through your windows. These types of windows are especially beneficial for use in living rooms, playrooms, and other rooms that are regularly used by family members or contain furniture you wish to preserve.

Which Will You Choose?

Now that you have the basic facts for your window replacement in Cedar Park, Texas, which type will you choose? At Zen Windows, we’ll provide the best no-hassle, no-commitment advice in the industry for your window replacement needs in Cedar Park, Texas. We’ll offer an honest assessment with professional advice. We won’t pressure you with sales pitches, and we’ll never ask you to pay before you’re happy with the work we do. If you want a window replacement project in Cedar Park, Texas, done right, then call or email us today!