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Reasons to Upgrade Your Skills through Microsoft 70-417

Reasons to Upgrade Your Skills through Microsoft 70-417

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IT professionals are required to be always alert when it comes to updating the skills they have. While IT is an ever-evolving field, it brings the necessity for you to advance your practical capacities and theoretical knowledge. Otherwise, there’s a high chance to become obsolete in the job market. 

It’s highly likely that’s not how you’d like to end up. So, there comes the Microsoft ExamSnap exam contributing to upgrading your Windows Server skills to an advanced level and making brilliant performance in your career. But how does the test help you? And why should you pursue it? Let’s find out about this in the post below. 

More About Exam 70-417

In particular, the test is intended for professionals who wish to understand how they can implement the core architecture services of Windows Server 2012. Now, the 70-417 exam is crucial if you have skills validated in older versions of Windows Server like 2003 and 2008. Perfect candidates for the test should have already acquired certifications related to 2000, 2003, XP or 2008 Windows Server versions. 

Accordingly, to upgrade your skills in Windows Server 2012 in a proper way, you’ll be required to prepare for and take the outlined three-in-one exam. The objectives of the 70-417 test cover domains and skills assessed in each of 70-410, 70-411, and 70-412 exams. This means you’ll have to study all the three tests’ topics in their entirety before taking this prolific exam. 

To list just a few important skills tested in 70-417 exam, let’s name, by way of illustration, installing and configuring servers, and configuring Hyper-V in 70-410 test, deploying and maintaining servers, configuring and managing Active Directory as well as Group Policy in 70-411 test, with final 70-412 test’s configuring file and storage solutions and implementing business continuity and disaster recovery.

Calling it a night, 70-417 test includes recent updates covering Windows Server 2012 R2 as well as 2012 R2 System Center versions.
Finally, after passing the exam, you’ll be achieving the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 credential.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Skills Through 70-417 Exam

Successful professionals understand the importance of aligning their capacities to the current needs of the job market. By upgrading your server skills to reflect the latest requirements, you’ll get efficiently prepared for success in your career. So, why should you take exam 70-417then? Below are some of the reasons to help you understand this.


  • Keeps Your Skills Current and Up-To-Date


If you’re one of those professionals who like to ensure their skills are always required in the workplace, then upgrading your relevant capacities is a must as it helps you stay current with the recent changes in the Windows Server system. Diving deeper, the release of 2012 has features that didn’t exist in the older versions and has some of the previous features improved. Hence, updating your skills will ensure you’re always on the right track.


  • Helps You Become MCSA: Windows Server Certified


Bypassing exam 70-417, you’ll have a well-deserved opportunity to attain one of the most in-demand MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certifications. This is what will ensure both your skills and credential are accepted across the globe as Microsoft qualifying badges are recognized by the companies worldwide. With it provided, no employer or organization would want to employ a professional with skills that have become obsolete just a minute ago.


  • Upgrading Demonstrates Seriousness in Your Profession


The only way you can show that you’re dedicated and committed to what you do is obtaining substantial knowledge and training that would be helpful to your employer. They’ll see thus that you take your job seriously. More than in any other sector, skills’ improvement and knowledge’ increase in your technical profession is crucial. Remember you can only grow by being always on the look-out for ways to expand your capabilities.

  1. Setting Yourself Up for Best Job Opportunities and Enhanced Pay

Unless your skills are refreshed, your chances of getting a solid job will be gradually diminishing. Preparing yourself for the best opportunities available in the market includes also ensuring your working capacities are decent. With it, remember that by taking exam 70-417, you’ll get an opportunity to master the upper-end skills needed to work with the 2012 Windows Server.

It also means that you will qualify for stable jobs and thus guarantee your HR to be a top-edge professional able to help them meet their business goals. You’ll deserve taking up such roles as a Windows systems administrator, a networking specialist, or a Windows system engineer.

More perks to add, a specialist with experience in 2012 version of Windows Server is capable of performing much more inspiring and enriching activities than the one with the skills in the older Windows Server versions. The former has the advantage of offering qualitative work, thus helping other colleagues to attain their targets. This means employers would be willing to pay you more with such advanced-level skills. You’re most likely to earn an annual average pay of $74,000, as per PayScale’s report on salaries.

  1. Upgrading Prepares You to Get MCSE Certified

Once you’ve attained this precious MCSA credential, you are advised to reach out for further goals and acquire the MCSE: Core Infrastructure certification. By upgrading this expert-level badge, you make it possible advancing your skills rather than being stuck with 2003 or even 2008 Windows Server knowledge. You will only need to take one more selective exam and be ready for one of the biggest steps in your career.

How Exam Dumps Can Help You Pass Exam 70-417

Well, exam dumps provide candidates with a clear path they can use to measure their readiness for the test they’re preparing for. If you want to know what to expect in the exam questions, or how to manage your time while taking the assessment, then utilizing exam dumps would be helpful. 

So, practice efficiently for your Microsoft test with 70-417 exam dumps availed through the ExamSnap website. You can also equip yourself for the exam by studying with their video course, and a study guide for the 70-417 exam, and the solid VCE Player that simulates the real test environment and lets you open the files easily!


Being knowledgeable about the latest IT trends is important. But what is more substantial is ensuring your skills are aligned with the newest tech tendencies, also through valid exam dumps’ training. Thus, a successful passer of exam 70-417 enhances their chances in the employment market through win-win opportunities to be hired for a dream job with the great MCSA: Windows Server 2012 badge!

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