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Short and Sweet Guide Through Men’s Silver Bracelet

Short and Sweet Guide Through Men’s Silver Bracelet

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Men’s silver bracelets are a never-fading classic. They look stylish with any outfit whether it is casual, streetwear or office attire. Silver has a number of benefits that set it apart from other metals used in jewelry. It has a versatile color meaning it will go well with clothes of every color. Gems of cold and hot hues alike look outstanding in a silver frame. Silver itself can change its color to highlight embossed and engraved designs or add some zest to a product. So, you will never go wrong with a bracelet made of silver. Visit Puravida Bracelets for a variety of jewelries


Silver Combined with Other Materials

Nobody said that a men’s bracelet should be plain and boring. You can boldly experiment with adding accents crafted of different materials, and they will look absolutely organic with silver. Men who are open to new ideas will certainly appreciate the variety of possible shades and materials men’s bracelets can be enhanced with. 

Leather inserts will be in perfect harmony with silver bracelets of any style, even with stringent classics. However, the win-win situation is when it complements relaxed, laid-back designs. White silver and a black leather braid create a cohesive duo and add that little something to feast your eyes on. Young men can benefit from a silver bracelet decorated with several thin leather laces – they look original but, normally, are not that expensive. 

Textiles have recently rocked the world of jewelry. If you prefer classics, this creative approach will probably leave you cold but youngsters are crazy about breath-of-fresh-air ideas. Normally, textile elements are a backbone of a bracelet, and silver accents are added to spruce things up. The cost of such a bracelet is not high but it looks fashionable and very original. 

One more stylish combination you might opt for is rubber and metal. A rubber bracelet is especially eye-catching when being embellished with charms in the oriental style or skulled beads. A silver skull bracelet is an excellent way to make your image more risqué and appealing. 

Models and Varieties

The first element that sets men’s bracelets apart from females is weaving. It is bulkier, burlier, and heavier. Therefore, men’s wrist accessories tend to cost a little more. One of the most common and sought-after types of weaving is Bismarck. Even massive bracelets carrying this weaving don’t look too heavy. Anchor, Byzantine, armored, and rope weaving are also popular in men’s bracelets. 

Thick chains that fit tightly around the wrist look more elegant than their looser counterparts. However, you need to keep moderation in mind. Don’t overload your wrist with additional accessories if you go with a massive bracelet. For example, if you wear a watch on your right hand, don’t put a burly bracelet on the right one; otherwise, you will look like a prisoner in shackles.

Wide bracelets with complex weaving will emphasize the nobility and refined taste of their owners. Just make sure that your accessory skillfully combines volume and lightness. If it doesn’t, your piece will look cheap. 

If you enjoy embellishment, try out silver bracelets complemented with onyx. The black gem will look impressive on the background of white metal. A bracelet with onyx emphasizes the exquisite style of a man and his willingness to experiment with bold designs. 



Fashion trends tend to change but the fashion for chain bracelets doesn’t seem to go anywhere. This is truly a precious gift – stylish, eye-catching, and emphasizing a person’s individuality. 

Engraved silver bracelets have been gaining ground in recent years. These pieces will become a wonderful gift for a man on any occasion. Most often, they are made to order and feature a silver chain with a plate for engraving. However, you can find plenty of army ID style bracelets with smooth plates, which you can take to any jeweler for personalized engraving. 

Why should you choose engraved bracelets? Here are just a few benefits they carry:

  • You can make absolutely any inscription on the plate – name, wish, motto, and so on.
  • Such jewelry goes well with any style of clothing.
  • You can choose from a variety of models and types of weaving.


Handmade Bracelets


Handmade jewelry has a huge benefit over machine-made counterparts – each of them is unique. You can order a custom bracelet that emphasizes your individually and takes into account all your wishes. Most often, men get made-to-order bracelets to bring leftfield designs to life but discreet designs can be crafted by hand, too. The downside of bespoke bracelets is that they usually cost an arm and a leg. 

Alternatively, there are manufacturers specialized in hand-made jewelry who create full-fledged collections instead of made-to-order items. Such jewelry is much cheaper but is able to preserve a touch of individuality. It is a great option for those who want to take the best of both worlds – reasonable price and all the benefits of hand-made production.