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Top 7 Business Ideas for Low Budgets in 2020

Top 7 Business Ideas for Low Budgets in 2020

Published by Programme B

Business projects with minimal investments can be launched in every field, but some ideas develop better than others. Most often, these successful projects follow the newest trends. Entrepreneurs respond quickly to changes, and the market becomes a battlefield. On the other hand, stiff competition allows you to purchase goods at better prices or buy essays cheap.

Businesses in small towns can get by with modest investments, while a lower level of competition makes potential customers warm up to the experiments of new players. For example, considering numerous alternative education courses in demand, this niche is still available in smaller communities.

What Is the Paramount Rule for Choosing a Business Idea?

You probably heard about the main rule of selecting an idea for a future venture. In general, it is a universal rule for any business. It runs like a thread in literally every book on entrepreneurship. Only with time, having had many years of business experience and practice, you start to understand this essential point.

The rule sounds something like this — your business should be your favorite part of life. Indeed, building a successful company and reaching the top is possible only when it is neither a job nor a duty, but a favorite pastime. Even money, although it is a primary goal of any business, cannot be the reason for choosing a dull and uninspiring occupation. A wrong choice is a risk of losing both money and business.

First and foremost, an entrepreneur needs to understand what he or she wants. It is crucial to assess personal strengths and weaknesses, knowledge, and experience. With this foundation, it will be less complicated to build an original and successful business. In other words, you need to choose an idea for your venture with your desires and aspirations in mind.

Regardless, it is always useful to take into account business trends. So, which low-cost venture is better to start this year? Below you will find some business ideas that do not require a big investment. Hopefully, you will consider some of our suggestions.


1. Blogging

Blogging can be a creative way to earn money on the Internet without any investments or with a minimal one. You can create a blog dedicated to your favorite topic that you know well. You can write articles and earn money in two ways:

  • Using contextual, banner, and teaser advertising;
  • Selling goods, services, or data for a percentage.

Blogs on Instagram are especially popular now. Top bloggers make a killing. Even a small blog with useful content and medium traffic can earn a living. Trusy is popular you can use to get more traffic on your blog 

2. Delivering Lunches to Offices

The idea of ​​this business consists of cooking and delivering lunches to offices. You can prepare delicious meals at home and bring them directly to the customers in the workplace. For office workers, this service can become an alternative to fast food. With a venture like this, you need a small starting capital, which will not be difficult to recoup in a short time. Another benefit of lunch delivery is that you are not limited to the number of orders, because you can work with as many offices as you want.

3. Growing Microgreens

Microgreens are leafy vegetable sprouts that are used for decoration and cooking. It can be parsley, basil, peas, broccoli, sunflower, mustard, and so on. Such products fit health trends nicely and are in high demand among athletes.

In the beginning, you can grow everything at home. In the meantime, you can learn how to take care of the plants. A bit later, you can develop an automatic watering system. When the business expands, allocate more space for the plants and fit it with heating and ventilation systems.


4. Organizing Walking Tours

If you are interested in the local history, know urban legends, and like communicating with people, consider organizing walking city tours. It is an incredibly inexpensive business option. Unlike bus tours, strolling allows sightseers to dive deeply into the history of streets, and explore the past. Your main job is to create a unique narrative and plot an exciting route. A thrilling addition would be to conduct excursions with themed mini-performances.

5. Making Busy Boards

Busy boards are entertaining and educational toys for children from 1 to 5 years old. They are panels, stands, or modules to which various objects are attached, children play with them by twisting, knocking, opening, turning, and so on. Today, busy boards are trendy, because everyone uses them at home and in various children centers and clubs. It costs almost nothing. You can find how to make them on the Internet and do it yourself with improvised materials.

6. Flowers and Fruit Baskets Delivery

A business like this does not require any excessive investments. All you need is the skills of a designer or a florist, as well as competent service and advertising. Most of your customers will be men from 25 to 45 years old who want to please their loved ones. You can effectively promote the business using online stores and social networks. Also, you do not need to always have every item in stock, because you can make a basket even after receiving the order. You can add to the gifts soft toys, bottles of wine, sweets, and other pleasant little things.


7. Pet Business

If you cannot imagine life without our four-legged friends, these business ideas are for you:

  • Walking dogs;
  • Training services;
  • Making clothes for pets;
  • Grooming (haircut, hair care, cleaning procedures, and so on);
  • Making small houses for pets;
  • Breeding kittens, puppies, and exotic aquarium fish.

To sum up, if you manage to find something you really like, your business will bring you pleasure, money, and success. You should choose an idea for a company with your own guidelines and preferences in mind. Find the type of business that you will enjoy doing.