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Travelling 101: Making your way around the airport with complete ease

Travelling 101: Making your way around the airport with complete ease

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It doesn’t matter how many times you have traveled by plane, making your way around the airport is never not stressful. There are a lot of travelers who face anxiety when dealing with the airport processes and is always a bit of hassle for them. While we can’t promise that the airport will be fun, there are definitely some things that you can do to ease the process, and make it slightly less stressful than before. For this very purpose, we have compiled a guide for you, that will cover most things related to the airport, from things like airport parking to the quickest way to check-in. Knowing such information will allow you to navigate better around the airport, and the whole thing will not be as daunting as it used to be before. So without further adieu, let’s get into the comprehensive guide. 


Things to do a couple of weeks prior to your flight

  • Making sure you have all the documents on hand

We always advise our travelers to start doing little by little before the flight, so that they don’t get overwhelmed a day before the flight. Things like these include making sure that all the necessary documents are in order, such as the passport, ticket, hotel information, emergency contacts and more. In order to be organized about it, you can have all of these things in a separate folder or bag that is only designated for your travel documents. You never know when you may need these documents so it is best that you always have them near you. 


  • Booking a spot at Sydney airport parking


This part is for people who don’t have parking spots fro their car, and therefore will be requiring parking facilities at Sydney airport. Most people are usually under the impression that airport parking can be very expensive. While this is true to some extent, if you don’t have a better alternative for your car, Sydney airport long term parking is your best option. This is mainly because your car will be receiving all the security needed while you are away, and it will also be extremely convenient for you to drive yourself to and from the airport. As far as the budget is concerned, there are different kinds of airport parking, that fall under different ranges of price. You can choose a long term parking option at SYD, that will either be on airport grounds, which basically means it will be very close to the terminal. However, this option is the priciest one, and is mostly opted by business travelers who have their costs being covered by corporate. The other, the more budget-friendly option is off-airport grounds that would not be within the airport vicinity but will be near Sydney airport. In order to access these parking lots, there will be scheduled shuttle busses and that will take you to and from the airport. in order to avail discounted deals related to airport parking, you should keep an eye on apps like parkos.


Things to do at the airport

  • Being cautious of the liquids you pack

Liquids can become quite a big hassle when you are traveling, and airlines tend to have strict requirements regarding the amount of liquid you can carry. The universal rule with most airlines is that liquids exceeding 100ML should not be in the hand luggage, so make sure you have all your big perfume bottles in the checked-in luggage


  • Dress comfortably

Traveling is not the most comfortable process, which is why you should wear clothes that you can move freely in, and don’t require belts. You will have to remove the belt every time you pass through security, which can get annoying very quickly. Make sure your shoes don’t have any metal detailing because you will have to take those off too, which is why sneakers are the best option for you. For women, this also means not wearing heavy metal jewelry that they will be required to take off.


  • Check-in before going to the airport

Most airlines allow you to check 24 hours before the flight, which you can do online. People don’t understand how easy this makes the check-in process, because you already have your boarding pass on your phone this way, with your choice of the seat also selected. All that you will have to do is check-in your luggage.

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