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Valentine’s Day Activities for Seniors

Valentine’s Day Activities for Seniors

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Valentine’s Day isn’t restricted to just couples — it’s a day where anyone can celebrate! It’s the perfect opportunity for you to show the people in your family how much they mean to you.

A lot of Seniors may be alone this Valentine’s Day. Many have lost their spouse, friends, or other family members along the way and it would mean the world to them to have someone like you visit them on a special day.

It’s important for Seniors to feel appreciated at all times, but it’s nice to give the special person in your life a real treat on holidays such as Valentine’s Day. 

Consider the accommodating and compassionate services of an at-home healthcare agency. They provide live-in caregivers who can help with daily chores around the house, as well as provide valuable company and companionship at all times, including holidays and festive occasions.

Also, consider the following fun and engaging Valentine’s ideas that you can share with your elderly loved one. 

A Heart-Shaped Brunch

You and your family could visit your loved one early in the day to prepare a delicious breakfast or brunch. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create hearts out of toast, cookies, and muffins.

Depending on what your family member enjoys, you can make the standard go-to of bacon and eggs or maybe you’ll want to make yummy, heart-shaped pancakes!

Take a trip to the Dollar Store and buy some pink and white doilies to spread over the table as well as other Valentine’s Day decorations to create a nice, festive atmosphere.


Watch a Romantic Comedy or Classic Romantic Movie Together 

Is your family member a film buff? A relaxing way to spend an afternoon or evening is by watching a beloved romantic film together. 

Ask them if they have a favorite — maybe Casablanca or Gone with the Wind. Alternatively, perhaps they’ll want something more comedic such as When Harry Met Sally

Regardless of the type of film, make sure it’s got some romance in there, make a bowl of popcorn, get comfy, and enjoy the film with your loved one. 

Bake Homemade Treats


A nice gift idea is to make customized Valentine’s Day treats for the senior in your life. You could bake them a cake or a batch of cookies to show much they mean to you. 

If you’re not so keen on baking, make a trip to the local bakery and ask them to customize a cake or a box of cupcakes with your loved one’s name. 

Bring the baked goods over to them on the big day and enjoy the goodies together! This could also be an opportunity to open up a conversation with them and to get to know them a little better.

Valentine’s Day can be a hard day to get through for those who have lost a spouse, friend, or family members. 

This Valentine’s Day, spend it by honoring the special senior in your life. Even just a simple call to chat would be a meaningful gesture.