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Valley Traffic System in Canada

Valley Traffic System in Canada

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The Valley Traffic System manufacture and stock a wide variety of industrial, safety and access products. With a large range of speed bumps/speed ramps, kerb ramps, cable protectors, rubber matting, traffic mirrors, and wall protectors we specialize in durable, high-quality products all shipped out on a next business day service as standard.

Speed Bumps

The Valley Traffic System offers a large selection of speed bumps and speed ramps, which are all held in stock for immediate despatch. Whatever your traffic calming requirements – whether you are installing them in a residential or high volume traffic area – we have the speed bump system for you!

All of our speed bumps are made from tough heavy-duty rubber, meaning that they have a virtually unlimited weight capacity. They also have a textured, anti-slip surface, and incorporate light reflectors as standard. The high contrast yellow and black sections of our speed bumps also help to improve visibility.

To make installation even easier, our speed bumps are supplied in kit form, complete with all of the fixings you need to assemble and install them. The process from purchase to installation couldn’t be simpler! Volume pricing is available on request so please contact our friendly sales team for more information.

To further improve the visibility of your speed bumps, we would also strongly recommend installing traffic signs to inform motorists of the change in the road layout. Simply click on the text highlighted in bold to be redirected to our road signs page.

Traffic Mirrors

Blind corners on roads and in parking lots and loading bays are a potential hazard, both to vehicles and pedestrians. Help to alleviate the risks associated with limited visibility by installing one of our convex safety and traffic mirrors.

The Valley Traffic System’s traffic mirrors are fabricated from highly durable Perspex, with a reflective coating that makes them shatter, stain, and fade resistant. Wide-angle vision allows you to see around blind corners and into hidden corners. Our convex mirrors are equipped with a patented swivel mechanism, making them easy to adjust to multiple positions and angles. They are also very easy to install and come supplied with fixing brackets to mount them onto poles or to brick and concrete walls (please specify which mounting bracket you require when ordering).

Parking Control Solutions

The Valley Traffic System offers a wide range of products to manage your car park control needs. These products are all stock items, meaning that they are available for free and immediate despatch.

To control who actually has admission to your parking areas, we have a number of access gate options. Our swivel access gates come in a huge variety of lengths and can span distances of up to 6 meters. The universal swivel gate is particularly versatile as it is telescopic, meaning that it can be set to exactly the length you require.

Once in your car park space, our wheel stops, wall protectors, and corner guards help to protect and manage traffic. Our rubber wheel stops are incredibly durable and can be used for preventing the impact of moving vehicles on walls and structures. This can be supplemented by the installation of our corner protectors and wall protectors. Also fabricated from durable and impact-resistant rubber, these products protect both walls and vehicles from the damage caused by collisions.

Cable Protectors

The Valley Traffic System offers a huge range of heavy-duty cable protectors, cable covers and hose ramps; the ideal solution for temporary works, festivals, trade shows, and events, where loose cabling and hoses need to cross over walkways and driveways.

Our industrial cable protectors stop exposed cables from becoming a hazard to pedestrians whilst at the same time ensuring vehicles up to 10,000kg can drive over them safely. They are perfect for use as external cable protectors as they feature a high-visibility, contrasting, folding section that allows access to specially designed channels that cables, hoses, and wires can run through.

The Valley Traffic System’s range of heavy-duty cable protectors is all modular, meaning that the sections interlock to allow you to create cable covers as long as you require. They are made from a 100% recycled solid rubber compound, offering an excellent grip surface whilst guaranteeing longevity and durability.

Loading Ramps

The Valley Traffic System offers a huge selection of loading ramps, to suit your every need.

If you are looking to bridge a low threshold then our container ramps or kerb ramps will suit you best. Our rubber kerb ramps have an almost unlimited capacity, with a lifetime guarantee and built-in reflectors in most models. Our container ramps are precision engineered from high-quality aluminum and are suitable for use by vehicles such as forklift trucks, as well as heavy plant machinery.

Our yard, truck, and van ramps are suitable if your load height is higher than a kerb or container. All of these ramps are made from anodized aluminum which is tested to 200% of their stated capacity at a 33% gradient.

We are confident that you will not find better value for money anywhere else, so if you have any questions, please give our knowledgeable and friendly sales team a call.

Rubber Matting

The Valley Traffic System offers a huge range of industrial rubber matting, all available with free delivery.

Our range is incredibly comprehensive and offers solutions for all of your industrial environments. Our Heavy Duty rubber matting range offers incredible ergonomic comfort along with extreme toughness and durability. If you are looking for a modular solution that you can customize to your space, then our Modular range of rubber matting is for you.

The Valley Traffic System offers excellent value for money in the Economy range, whilst the ESD matting range protects workers from electrostatic discharge. Finally, our Mid-range selection of anti-fatigue rubber matting offers you a number of solutions to alleviate worker tiredness.

Bike Racks and Shelters

Safely and securely store and protect bicycles in our extensive range of bike racks and bike shelters.

The stylish, contemporary designs of our bike shelters make them a visually appealing solution to your bike storage needs. They are made from the highest grade anodized aluminum, which provides exceptional strength and durability. The transparent anti-UV cellular glazing panels increase the visibility provided by the shelters thereby reducing the risk of theft and vandalism. Both of our bike shelters are modular, meaning that you can attach extension units to them to make them as long as you require.

Our broad range of bike racks also offers you an incredibly flexible, versatile selection of bicycle storage.

We have categorized them according to type to make it easy for you to select the bike rack you need. Choose from our wall-mounted racks, which allow you to quickly and easily mount them to any wall surface; our stand-alone bicycle racks, which give you the freedom to install them wherever you want them; or our modular bike racks, which have extension units meaning that you can create a bike rack system as long or as short as you require.