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Published by Programme B

Achieving fitness is an uphill task for many. It requires consistent effort and the right amount of perseverance to keep yourself going. Often than not, the objective of keeping our body in shape remains out of reach because we fail to incorporate a few exercises in our daily routine. Partially, this is because we find it hard to find time from our hectic schedule and invest it in a session of training. But majorly, it is because we have not been telling about how interesting fitness routines can be.

Once we turn exercise into a habit and succeed in finding momentum, then that is when it starts to work. Before we elaborate on which exercises are best for you, let us have a brief look at some of their key benefits.

Taking part in an exercise helps you to lose weight and keeps you away from many diseases in the longer run. Being active stimulates your mind and body simultaneously. Bodily, you continue to shed those extra pounds and feel closer to your goal of being in shape. Psychologically speaking, when you engage in physical activity, your body releases a neurotransmitter called endorphin. These chemicals interact with your brain receptors and bring down stress and anxiety. 

It is this correlational benefit of a healthy activity that inspires many to become healthcare professionals, beginning with the right degree program, such as a BSN to MSN online. Now, we will list out 10 easy but powerful exercises for continued fitness.


  • Walking


Walking is perhaps the most underrated physical exercise of all. The fact is that walking is a form of a workout, helps you burn calories and strengthens your heart. That is why it also regarded as a cardiovascular exercise. So much so that doing a brisk walk for just one hour can help you shed up to 500 calories. Walking is a fantastic exercise because it requires no equipment or any primary gear, and is bound to benefit you in the longer run. All it needs is a pair of shoes and a little bit of passion.


  • Pushups


Push-ups have been regarded as one of the essential exercises because they help provide strength to the shoulders, chest, trunk muscles and triceps simultaneously. Interestingly, pushups suit everyone irrespective of their fitness level. The only difference is how frequently or heavily one engages in this activity.


  • Squats


Every physical activity, regardless of its nature, requires physical strength and squats are a great way to attain it. Muscular strength allows you to become increasingly capable of burning calories. Squats provide due strength to your back muscles, hamstrings, and gluteal.


  • Lunges


Lunges help you pretty much achieve the same goals as with lunges as they focus on the same core areas, as well as help you achieve an excellent bodily balance. Lunges can be made more effective by stepping not just to your front, but also towards your back, right and left.


  • Swimming


Again, swimming is a bit underrated in terms of physical exercise, but it is an excellent and enjoyable way of undergoing rigorous exercise. When you are swimming, you allow your body, especially your muscles, to experience a tremendous workout. Besides, water has an amazing way of making your body light and fresh, leaving you high in energy and spirit.


  • Abdominal


Getting the perfect abs nowadays is aspired by many young men and women of today. To achieve them, abdominal crunches, if done rightly, are the best way to achieve them. When taking part in this exercise, make sure that you do not have your back in an arching position. If that happens, you might end up weakening your abdominals.


  • Jogging


Consistent and calculated jogging is ideal for strengthening your thigh muscles, bones and your body overall. It also helps you maintain functional cardiovascular fitness. Just like walking, jogging is useful in keeping your weight under control.


  • Power Yoga and Aerobics


It is an exercise that focuses on the body as well as the mind, both at the same time. Yoga is important in the sense that it helps you gain mental strength, alongside physical movements. Also, taking part in group yoga or aerobics encourages you to do better each time because of the collectiveness involved.


  • Cycling


Biking is another fun exercise that has the added benefit of physical strength, especially of your limbs. Biking is also useful in terms of cardiovascular workout because it brings your entire system into motion.


  • Pull-ups


Pull-ups are inarguably the most useful of exercises to strengthen your back as well as your biceps. You may, however, consult a fitness expert before deciding with the number of pull-ups that you want to perform each day.


Exercise is always good for your fitness and wellbeing, but it is also essential to take into account the execution part. Do what suits your body and its specific fitness needs. Moreover, it does not hurt incentivizing your fitness goals. The right incentives will serve the role of a stimulus and keep you motivated to achieve your objectives.