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Your Kids Can Learn How to Code This Summer

Your Kids Can Learn How to Code This Summer

Published by Programme B

If your kids love computers or are video game enthusiasts, then you may often struggle to find ways to get them out of the house. Children can get really passionate about their interests, especially when it’s something they have fun doing, and the next thing you know they are spending hours at a time glued to their computers.

So how does a parent encourage their tech-savvy children to get out there and learn something new? Well, the answer is pretty simple, actually: sign them up for summer coding camps for kids where they will learn the basics about computer programming.

Fun and Educational

On the surface, learning how to code can sound a little dry and even somewhat complex. How is your kid going to be interested in such an intense subject that involves staring at lines of text and numbers?

It is possible to make learning programming languages fun for kids. Look for a coding camp that gets their students to program video games from scratch, that way they’ll be more invested in the learning process. There are several benefits to learning code this way:

  • Video games are developed using math concepts, meaning your kids will not only learn about coding but math as well
  • Kids get to experience the thrill of seeing their code come to life on screen
  • Working on a video game feeds the interest of gamers who want to learn more
  • Encourages kids to be creative and some even develop their own games in their spare time
  • Develops problem-solving skills and resilience as students learn to overcome challenges

If your kid is into computers and gaming, this is the perfect opportunity for them to take that passion and use it to develop a set of really useful skills.

Coding for the Future

Kids nowadays are growing up in a highly technical world, and technology will only continue to expand. As one of the STEM fields, technology is something that is being encouraged in classrooms so that when kids are older than can occupy a much-needed role in these sectors.

There are a number of occupations that a child can find themselves in when they are older because they know how to code. They could end up working with code directly like in the case of a web app developer, software developer, game developer, or even robotics engineer. But there are other jobs where knowing how to code is considered an asset like in manufacturing, information sciences, and nanotechnology.

Even just having coding as a skill on a resume makes you more attractive to employers, no matter the industry you want to work in. Not only is knowing how to code admirable (it’s like knowing a second language) but it’s also valuable because someone with this knowledge has a deeper understanding of how the world works around them. Programming is used in almost every aspect of our modern lives, from education, social media, communications to banking, security, information, and shopping. Computers are also controlling our homes’ thermostats and lighting, our cars, and even health records.

So if your kid loves computers or video games, why not nurture that passion with coding camp and see where it takes them?