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5 Blunders online gamblers make on a regular basis

5 Blunders online gamblers make on a regular basis

Published by Programme B

Online gambling has surged in popularity over the last decade. Thanks to faster Internet connections, a boom of sports bookmakers, and a generation growing up online, sports gambling has become one of the biggest industries in the world. In 2017, the global market for online gambling hit $45.8 billion. The figure should double in the coming years as more sports fans and casino cardsharps turn to online betting. Gamblers can enjoy a variety of incentives to play online from bet bonuses to free bets. New punters can visit this website to explore the best bonuses available before wagering at their favorite online bookmakers. 

Although the number of online gamblers is growing, it doesn’t mean each player is making money from wagering at casinos. There are a few reasons that these individuals lose and it isn’t down to luck. Punters can make mistakes and these 5 blunders result in lost money. 


Emotions are the No. 1 enemy of all gamblers. It is perfectly natural to be upset over losing a hand of poker here and there. However, the best gamblers and those who do it as a living, know you cannot let emotions get in the way of winning. 

Poor decision making is a result of being too emotional. Positive and negative emotions can greatly influence betting. In the same way that emotions can alter an athlete’s performance, so too can it change the way you bet. 

Not setting limits

Every online gambler needs to know his/her limits. A major mistake is not setting a budget and quickly going through funds with little regard to the sums being lost. Serious punters should always put aside at least half of the money they win. This allows them to build a bankroll for the future. Anyone who wants to be a serious punter should ensure they set a budget to begin with and not exceed it. 


Too many online punters deposit their money into an online casino and immediately play games. Thirty minutes later, they have run out of money and haven’t won anything. Oftentimes, they blame the online casino for being rigged. The problem with this is the punter has no clue how the games work nor do they have a plan when playing. 

Online casinos offer a variety of table games with variants to each. Players should experiment with free games to practice and learn which variants they feel comfortable with. Online casinos provide you with the chance to practice with free games. After a little time of learning and honing your skills, you can try to win real cash. 


Online gambling beginners – and all novice gamblers for that matter – assume a specific result will occur because it hasn’t happened. Therefore, in roulette, if red hasn’t come up in five spins, beginners wrongly believe red must be the next colour. By betting on red simply because it hasn’t come up in a number of spins, you make a risky bet. You are overthinking what could happen rather than accepting the game as chance. 

Pick the right games

Online casinos offer a plethora of betting options but just because certain games are available, it doesn’t mean you should play them. Players can find the game that suits them by playing free games online. Free games offer you the chance to sample them before investing real money to play. 

It is best to find one or two games that you can learn. Mastering one or two table games offers you the best chance of making money long-term. Shifting between games prevents you from focusing on the rules and gameplay of one specific game.