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6 Steps to Get a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

6 Steps to Get a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Published by Programme B

Did you know that LinkedIn, the professional social network par excellence, had 500 million registered users around the world last December 2017? The level of competence to see and be seen is enormous and therefore, it is important that you have defined your profile in order not to go unnoticed by the experts in recruitment. If you are looking to distinguish yourself within a social network like LinkedInyou can hire experts such as well-known “Podawaa” that is gaining more followers every day. Also, these are the steps you must follow to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Choose a Profile Photo that Defines you

Not any photo has a place in your resume, and the professional aspect of LinkedIn requires the use of photos specially designed for it. Neither too serious nor too informal, a gesture as simple as a smile shows warmth and self-confidence. Likewise, it is advisable that the background is white and not to use personal elements that may reveal your political or religious inclinations.

It is important to assess the possibility of using a professional to ensure that your photo is of the highest quality. Try to show your face straight on. Once you have selected the photo that makes the best impression, remember to update it every five years at least when you are actively seeking employment.

It is also no secret that people are much more likely to follow your account if you have a profile photo that appears professional and welcoming. Building connections on LinkedIn is so important which is why some users buy LinkedIn followers and therefore curating a profile that draws people in is vital.

Write a Good Slogan that Defines you

In addition to the photo, the slogan also plays a very important role. Complete your profile with your current position and company, so that both your contacts and the recruiters can have the maximum information about you. Focus on your career goals through the use of keywords, which you can develop in the description.

Take Care of your Description

The description is the first thing that the experts in talent selection see and it is one of the factors that most influences when it comes to forming their first impressions. First, select three keywords from your slogan and develop the text around them. Continue the description by sharing your professional goals and how you plan to achieve them.Like Google, LinkedIn uses web optimization (SEO) keywords to connect professionals to each other, which is, after all, the ultimate goal of this network.

Highlight your Skills and Abilities

The skills and abilities you choose to highlight in your profile make the difference. But the value is in those assigned to you by your professional social network contacts. The more people value your skills and abilities, the more credible your professional profile will be.

For example, for a web optimization manager, “SEO” knowledge is not a special skill, but a minimum requirement for the position. However, if a web designer or marketing expert adds “SEO” to their skill set, the candidate’s value increases for the recruiter. Thanks to LinkedIn’s smart algorithm, this social network offers suggestions of the most common skills at the same time that you start writing. In addition, the social network will ensure that you complete your profile using the most searched terms.

Make and Receive Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations are essential to give credibility to your profile. What is valued most of them is the quality and not the quantity; and it is just as important to receive them as to write them to others. It is essential that they are testimonials from people who have worked with you and the “friendly” recommendations are not valid.

Ask the people who have worked with you to write you a recommendation, but without sending mass requests, but rather to someone who knows your way of working very closely.

Your shared recommendations also improve your profile because, thanks to them, the scout can see the personal relationship with your previous or current work from another point of view. Don’t forget to ask your former boss for a recommendation from LinkedIn and offer another as a thank you.

Join Reference Groups

If you belong to and actively participate in various interest groups on LinkedIn, you will further highlight your experience and the enthusiasm you feel for your profession.

Depending on your sector, recruiters assess whether you keep your network updated, so that if you joined another company, you could contribute your contacts. Also, the right contacts can be the gateway to a job interview.

Finally, do not miss the opportunity to participate in conversations, and thus be able to share your knowledge with a group, learn new things and even contribute to creating new trends in your sector.

As a leading talent selection consultancy, LinkedIn profiles have become a key part of our selection processes. By following our tips, you can appear more frequently in LinkedIn search results and attract our attention. New opportunities will arise and you will be closer to getting the job of your dreams with the help of Podawaa as well to following all the above tips!