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Find the Top 5 Asian Restaurants in Toowoomba!

Find the Top 5 Asian Restaurants in Toowoomba!

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The largest inland city in Queensland, Australia ‘Toowoomba’ is famous for many of its things. It is almost 700 meters above the sea level and occupies an impressive position on the top of the western slopes of Great Dividing Range. Toowoomba is the regional capital of Darling Downs and is one of the cultural cities in Queensland. This city of Darling Downs holds the flower festival thus is the most visited city. It also holds the nickname of ‘Garden City’ because of its flower festivals. 

Toowoomba – A cultural Centre

Toowoomba is also famous for its University of Southern Queensland as it has been a major center for industry, commerce, and education. Students from all over the world take admission in this university to make their dreams come true. 

Why you should visit Toowoomba?

Visitors join the locals whenever they visit the city to enjoy the famous Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. It is a festival that goes on for ten-day. With full-on fun and different activities for entertainment, the thing people look before visiting is the food and restaurants. With the sensational wines and tantalizing tastes of the region, it has some of the best restaurants to visit. 

There are many reasons for visiting Toowoomba and not only the Carnival Flower festival. Cobb & Co Museum, The Empire Theatre, ​Crow Nest National Park, Queens Park, and the many heritage homes have made this city home to many tourist destinations. 

Best Restaurant in Toowoomba, Queensland

As the city has become a major center for tourists, many new and restaurants are making their name. If you are an Asian and even if not and just looking for some Asian food, this article will let you know the Top 5 Asian restaurants in the Toowoomba. You can visit these best restaurants Toowoomba for the amazing experience. 

  1. The Garden Restaurant

The Garden Restaurant is one of the best dinings to go to Toowoomba. Most famous for its authentic Chinese food, they have more than 30 dishes on their menu. Everyone finds the dishes they love on this menu. They have great service and their food is full of flavor. It is o the top of most customers list because of their super fresh food. 

2.Thai Royal Restaurant

Thai Royal Restaurant is not only for Thai people but for all the tourist who wishes to have Thai food. Thai Royal Restaurant is one of the best restaurants because of the authentic Thai dishes. Their service and management are highly appreciated. One will surely revisit the Thai Royal Restaurant after having a meal there! If you really want to have a portion of great Thai food in Toowoomba, then this restaurant is the one!

3. Thai on High Street

Another Thai restaurant makes the list of Top 5 Asian restaurants in Toowoomba. They have fresh and authentic Thai food. Asian food-lovers will surely love this place as it is a must-visit one. With delicious food and great service, the restaurant deserves to make the list of top 5 Asian restaurants. 

4. Kajoku Korean & Japanese Cuisine

Ruthven St. is the most visited and famous street in Toowoomba. Kajoku Korean & Japanese Cuisine has great food. With Karaoke and soju, this restaurant is one of the most-loved ones. Kajoku is a treasure in Toowoomba because of its amazing food and service. The atmosphere is good too and the food is delicious. When you visit the restaurant you will know why the restaurant is so famous. 

5. Original Saigon – Tram Vietnam

The only Viet restaurant in the list is Original Saigon – Tram Vietnam. It has Asia’s top 3 cuisines on their menu and is home for Toowoomba foodies. They have authentic and fresh Vietnamese cuisine with a welcoming and warm atmosphere. For healthy and fresh food, visit this restaurant is a must. They also offer a takeaway with dining.

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels