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Junket Tours at Shangri La Casino in Tbilisi

Junket Tours at Shangri La Casino in Tbilisi

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At Shangri La Casino, which is run by Storm International (Darren Keane is the managing director), everything is known about how to attract luck. If you want luck to become your constant companion, the best casino in Tbilisi is at your service. Gaming or junket tours to Georgia are a great way to escape from the usual life course, open the door to the world of genuine emotions and experience real excitement. In addition, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with beautiful Georgia, because the free time from the game can be devoted to excursions and outdoor activities. Try some casino apps on Fliptroniks.

Junket and its advantages

What are game junket tours to Tbilisi at Shangri La casino? In essence, a gaming casino tour is an entertaining holiday with a game in a casino. This is a good way to relax comprehensively because a game tour means not only the opportunity to participate in gambling events but also:

  • Accommodation in the chosen class hotel;
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel, casino and to the airport;
  • The tour participant is provided with free drinks and meals in the restaurant;
  • The opportunity to participate in special casino promotions;
  • A chance to send for excursions in Tbilisi (and even around the city).

The tour time and its conditions are selected individually, so each guest has the opportunity to adjust the parameters of the junket tour in the best casino in Tbilisi.

Each package necessarily includes:

  • Stays at the hotel;
  • Transfer airport-hotel-casino-hotel-airport;
  • Gourmet restaurant, bar;
  • Chips for the agreed amount;
  • Participation in casino events.

At the cost of a certain chip that the guest plans to spend on bets, the casino also pays for plane tickets in both directions. But this point needs to be clarified additionally when ordering a tour. It is especially pleasant that the unit representative takes care of all organizational issues, and the guests only choose convenient dates and enjoy their trip.

Junket tours have long been popular with guests of Georgia, and Shangri La is one of the first casinos in Tbilisi to offer this service. Information on what rates are set for casino tours in the unit, as well as on the conditions of the meeting, can be found on the official website of Shangri La Tbilisi: Based on personal preferences or time possibilities, it is easy to choose the most suitable game tour and it will become bright, enchanting, and successful for you.

Casino advantages: why exactly Shangri La Tbilisi

Shangri La is officially the best casino in Georgia, which has been the Golden Brand Award winner for three consecutive years. It is appropriated according to the opinions of experts and consumers, which indicates a high level of trust. The unit is also recognized as the best according to TripAdvisor.

The complex is located in the old picturesque Tbilisi part next to the impressive Bridge of Peace. Inside the casino, it looks like a modern palace, where everything is created for guests and for their pleasure.

Regular visitors to the casino know that there is a great restaurant with panoramic windows overlooking the promenade and the Bridge of Peace. For many years, it has been managed by chef Avtandil Alikhanashvili, specializing in national and European cuisine.

Every weekend there are entertaining evenings; the best country performers sing on the casino stage. The organizers create real shows, which makes the visit a bright holiday.

When Michael Boettcher’s Shangri La Tbilisi was 7 years old in 2019, the triumph reached an unprecedented scale! The performance began on the street in front of the complex, where everyone could see it. Later, the celebration moved to gamble halls. The party highlight was the fabulous costumes of dealers, hostesses, and all staff. Prize draws completed the birthday.

And parties of this format are held with enviable regularity! If the junket tour falls on any event dates, the guest automatically becomes a participant in the show and all the draws. And this means that the trip can bring not only pleasure but also many wins!