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Useful Gifts Your Photography-Obsessed Friends Will Love

Useful Gifts Your Photography-Obsessed Friends Will Love

Published by Programme B

Shopping for your friends can easily become a stressful task. Whether it be a birthday or holiday, the pressure is on: What do you get for the friend that has everything? To answer that question, we’ve gathered a list of a few items that will guarantee you’ll find the perfect gift for all of your photography-obsessed friends.

Photoshop Keyboard Cover

This thin, silicone keyboard cover comes in several different sizes and styles, making it easy for you to select the right size for their computer. This keyboard cover is the perfect gift for any budding photographer, as it instantly transforms their keyboard into the perfect photoshop tool, giving them quick and easy access to all the keyboard shortcuts they may need while working in postproduction.

Online Photo Storage

Online picture storage makes it easy for your friend to keep track of all their photos—personal, professional, and those just-for-fun shots. Online picture storage makes it so all of their photos are in one central location without having to worry about clogging up their computer’s memory or keeping track of an external hard drive. Online storage will also allow them to share photos with whoever they like, whenever they like, without having to lose any of their original photos.

SD Card Case

The only thing that’s almost as bad as scratching your lens is losing your memory cards. This easy to carry case holds up to 22 memory cards, making it so your photographer friend no longer have to worry about running out of memory and losing their cards.


The LensPen is a necessity in any camera bag. As any photographer knows, there isn’t much worse than a scratched lens, and this product is the best way to ensure all of their lenses stay shiny, clean, and scratch-free! The LensPen is double-sided: one end has a brush to quickly wipe away any larger debris, and the other is a microfiber cleaning tip that provides a quick shine after brushing away any larger bits that may get trapped in a microfiber cloth and cause scratches.

Camera Lens Travel Mug

Admittedly, this gift idea is not quite as practical as some of the others previously listed– but hey, it’s fun, and who doesn’t love a novelty mug? This travel mug that looks remarkably like a Canon camera lens is the perfect gift for any passionate photographer, and they may come to really appreciate it on some of those early morning shoots.

Smartphone Photography Kit

A smartphone photography kit is the perfect gift for those friends who are really looking to up their Instagram game. Most kits include the basics, a tripod, a few lenses, a remote control, and a phone holder. Of course, if you can’t find a premade kit that is up to par, you can always make your own.

A Camera-Equipped Drone

This one may seem a little extreme, but you can find some pretty inexpensive drones that are of high quality. A drone is the perfect accessory for a videographer, filmmaker, or outdoor photographer. Not only will they be able to achieve high-quality bird’s eye view shots by using an outdoor drone with camera, but they will also be able to broadcast live video.

Worldwide Adapter Plug

This worldwide adapter plug is a great option for someone who does a bit of traveling. They’ll be the first to tell you what a pain it is to find charger adapters, so this all in one adapter is the best option, it offers charging options for the US, UK, EU, and several others.

Hopefully, this list has helped you come up with an idea or two for the photographer in your life. Happy hunting!

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels