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Structural and Cosmetic Garage Door Repairs

Structural and Cosmetic Garage Door Repairs

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Not all repairs to garage doors are simple due to the fact that the door won’t open and close. Some may because the garage door looks bad. It may be dented and dinged, may need a paint job, or may need some sections replaced. Here is some advice about dealing with these types of issues with your garage door.


Painting and Repainting

Perhaps the most common type of cosmetic improvement job for a garage door is repainting. Both metal and wooden doors need to be painted or repainted to protect them from the elements.

as mentioned by the garage door repair Surrey online guide – The best kinds of paints to use for metal and wooden garage doors are acrylics. You should start with an acrylic primer base coat. This is usually best if sprayed on. But if you don’t have a sprayer you can use a paintbrush. Then follow up with a topcoat or two of exterior acrylic paint. Be sure and follow manufacturers’ instructions for safety with these paints.


Dents and Bends

One of the most common structural and looks based problems is denting in metal garage doors. For dents in a metal garage door, you can try the following innovative technique for removing the dents. For this repair, you will need an ordinary cigarette lighter, a can of liquid carbon dioxide, and a roll of aluminum foil.

Clean the dented area first thoroughly with a rag and dish detergent. Then unroll a section of aluminum foil large enough to cover the dent and with some leftover so you can hold it over the dent. Smooth this onto the door over the dent so that it covers the dent entirely.

Next, you want to heat the area of the dent with the lighter. Go over the whole area of the aluminum foil for about one minute.

Now take the aluminum foil off and spray the liquid carbon dioxide on the dent, holding the can upside down. Keep spraying for about 30 seconds. The dents should pop out automatically over the course of about 2 minutes. This is caused by the temperature difference between the heated area of the garage door and the liquid carbon dioxide. Pretty neat hunh?

Refinishing Wood

The best way to improve the appearance of wood is to either repaint it, as mentioned above or to sand and restain a wooden garage door if it has a stain on it. Take off the old stain with an electric sander and make sure the surface of the door is as smooth and well sanded as possible. Then reapply the stain with a natural fiber brush and allow it to dry. After it has fully dried, you should apply a topcoat like polyurethane, acrylic, or some all-purpose product like Thompson’s Weather Seal.


Decorating your Garage Door

Aside from this, as far as improvements in the appearance of your garage door go, you can simply decorate it to make it look better. Try painting it in some original way, hanging photos up on it inside, putting wallpaper on the interior, or anything else your imagination can come up with. This will give your garage door visual interest and appeal. Just make sure that what you hang on the garage door does not interfere with its ope

Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels