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Top Reasons Why You Must Choose A RAM 1500

Top Reasons Why You Must Choose A RAM 1500

Published by Programme B

Buying a commercial truck that befits the utility is not a tough task. However, choosing the one that tingles the taste needs some extra effort. Several manufacturers make there best efforts to compete in a market that is not as picky as that for personal vehicles. Perhaps for a brand to take a huge leap in the commercial vehicles segment to enhance the user experience is something truly worthy of mention.

RAM Trucks is a subsidiary of the Italian-American corporation, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, popularly known for its commercial trucks. And one of the leading trucks from the manufacturer is the RAM Pickup 1500. 

Commercial trucks are immensely popular with the Americans, both for style, as well as, utility needs. And RAM takes it to the next level for the consumers.

Here are some of the top reasons why you must choose RAM 1500, for a minitruck.


Strong Engine

The strongest and the most essential feature for any truck is surely the power factor. The Pentastar V-6 featuring an eTorque mild hybrid system produces 305 horsepower and a class-leading torque at 269 pounds-feet. And all this is boasted by a smaller 3.6 liters engine paired with a 48-volt integrated motor and generator, which is the smallest power-train trim available in the RAM 1500 lineup. That’s plenty of power for everyday tasks, besides taking up some off-roading adventure and some high-power sports. Whether you’re planning to tow a camper, get past a muddy trail, or run daily errands for a hardware store, the engine will never fail you. The Pentastar engine has always been a strong engine, but with that little extra electric boost, it’s even stronger and more punchy than ever.

The Optional Hemi V-8

While the V-6 eTorque mild hybrid engine comes standard with RAM 1500, you can also opt for a Hemi V-8 engine. As a representative of a ram dealer in Canada explains the optional 5.7 Litres Hemi V-8 engine delivers more power and torque pacing up at 395 hp and 410 pounds-feet, respectively. Another added feature comes with the burbling exhaust sound of the Hemi V-8 that sounds more masculine than ever. So, whether you’re planning to buy a truck for running errands or to flaunt it before your friends, there’s no way you can miss out on this additional feature.

The Class Leading Cabin

One of the strongholds of the RAM 1500 is its cabin space. There’s tons of available room in the cabin for five to fit in comfortably. Besides, the class-leading infotainment system makes this particular truck stand out of the rest. Sitting behind the wheel in a RAM 1500, you won’t stop admiring the beauty of its console and the integrated entertainment features. Plush leather seats are soft, there are lots of wooden trims, and the overall riding experience can take you to the next level of Oomph! It’s nothing less than a powerful bull, as the logo is suggestive, but with lots of luxurious trims on it. Particularly, for the users who wish to be using this truck for more than just it’s intended purpose (i.e. towing) the luxurious interiors would definitely hit like a storm. So much so, that the interiors can actually battle up and beat the Cadillacs. So far, this is the most luxurious American truck with every possible inch of the surface covered in plush leather. Moreover, you can even choose twin-tone upholstery. And behold the wooden trims, you can’t really reach them in a Chevy Silverado (good luck finding them), and touch them to enjoy the luxuries.

Better Fuel Economy

The eTorque system boosts performance while also improving fuel efficiency. For the rear-wheel-drive standard model, you can expect around 25 mpg on highways which is far better than superior for a truck that boasts this much power. Whereas, if you opt for the Hemi V-8 engine along with the four-wheel drive train, you can expect a fuel efficiency of around 22 mpg on the highway. In fact, the fuel economy is the only thing that no other pickup truck with these specs can offer. Thanks to the eTorque mild hybrid system which boosts the economy by 2mpg at least, regardless of the variant you choose.

Tons Of Storage

Of course, a truck without storage is of no purpose. However, expecting more storage in the cabin area might seem like foolhardy, from a commercial pickup truck. Once again, RAM snubs all. Besides offering a plentiful loading capacity of 2300 pounds for the basic tradesman variant, RAM 1500 also features tones of storage space in the cabin. Glove box, bottle and can holders, license and paper storage, and lots more. In short, you will never have to worry about loosing your important, as well as, ordinary items in your truck. You can securely tuck in all your belongings.  Moreover, the legroom and headroom, don’t ever worry about bumping into the roof or the dashboard when driving. In fact, the cabin is spacious for the rear seats as well, which is pretty much where almost all the vehicles fail to bring a smile on the customers’ faces. So much so, that even personal vehicles often lack comfortable legroom for the rear seat occupants.

By now, you can pretty much imagine how comfortable and luxurious the ride in RAM 1500 could be. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has finally found a product that can actually beat the leading players in the segment. With it’s RAM 1500 they have taken up the competition to the next level for all manufacturers. Undoubtedly, RAM 1500 makes up for every ounce of muscle and style that comes packed with luxury. So, if you’re really keen on buying a truck that not only fulfills your towing needs but also boasts of your lifestyle then there’s no better choice than RAM 1500. And surely, you won’t regret buying a truck that comes from a family of racers and sportsters.