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When to Call for a Garage Door Spring Repair

When to Call for a Garage Door Spring Repair

Published by Programme B

Has your garage door stopped working? Neglecting the warning signs of a failing garage door takes away the chance of an easy and cheaper repair. Component issues can quickly escalate and affect the working of the entire door leading to highly expensive repairs and replacements. Typically, smaller parts like garage door springs are the first to experience wear and tear damage. To prevent a domino effect, you have to pay attention to these minor issues and call for professional repair service. 

What is a garage door spring?

Most property owners use their garage door, not knowing how it comes to operate at a certain point. It is when a failing garage door happens that people actually start asking questions. One of the essential components of your garage door is the door spring. It has two known types: torsion springs and extension springs. 

Torsion springs are located on top of a closed garage door. It unwinds and winds each time you open and close the garage door, creating a more controlled motion. On the other hand, extension springs are attached on either side of the garage door and are comparatively smaller. This second type of door spring expands and contracts as the raises and lowers, providing a counterweight to the door for a lighter operation.

How to tell if your garage door spring breaks?

Your garage door spring is the key to your structure’s functionality.  However, when it breaks, it can pose a safety hazard to your family or building occupants. Know when to call for a garage door spring repair with these warning signs.

Half-closed door

Springs make it easier to open and close garage doors. So, in any case, your door refuses to operate correctly, you have to look at the spring’s condition. One clear indication of a spring problem is when your door completely stops halfway when going back up, leaving your garage open and unsafe. 


Are you having a hard time lifting your garage door? Does it feel heavier than usual? If you answer yes to both questions, then you must get your torsion springs checked. Springs are responsible for holding the weight of the door, when worn-out, your garage door becomes dead weight. 

Loud Sound

The loud bang you hear from your garage could probably be the sound of your garage door spring breaking loose. The spring unwinds in a second, producing a loud and startling sound. Don’t wait for the worse to happen and call for a professional technician right away. 

Crooked door

Aside from helping open and close your garage door fast and smooth, springs also help keep the door looking straight and in place. Springs that are attached on both sides of the door pull the door incipiently, so when one breaks, you will have a crooked door. A crooked garage door is not a simple aesthetic issue since it presents a half-open garage. 

If you want to preserve your garage door, make sure a professional eye immediately checks it. Finding a reliable garage door repair service is easier if you know what to look for. Choose a garage door company that primarily has the complete licenses and certifications, decades of experience, top-grade products and services, and the best people on their team. And while affordability is attractive, remember never to compromise on quality. Consult with the pros today!

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