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6 Tasty Ways to Eat Your Lentils

6 Tasty Ways to Eat Your Lentils

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If your taste buds want more of lentils and you are tired of eating them the same way. It is time to try cooking your lentils in other different and tasty ways. As you try the many ways that you can eat your lentils, you will adore them. Choose your lentils depending on the type, texture, color, and flavor that you love. Eating lentils has many benefits as they are easy legumes to digest, are a rich source of fiber, protein, and folate. Add lentils to your pantry as they are super affordable, and they cook easily unlike beans that you have to soak first. Since you can use your lentils in the kitchen in a bunch of ways and they are very satisfying. Try some of the tasty ways that are discussed below to enjoy these legumes that have been around for so long. Make sure to find out where to buy za’atar for your upcoming meal.


  1. Basic lentil cooking 

As you read more about lentils, you will learn that there are many different types. They have different uses and cooking times as well. The most common lentil is the brown one, they hold their shape well when you cook them, but they mash easily. They cook in 30 minutes and have a rich and earthy flavor. The green lentils have a firm texture even after cooking and have a robust flavor, but need at least 45 minutes to cook them. While for red lentils, they can be gold, yellow, or orange and have a sweeter taste. They too, take 30 minutes to cook and get mushy. This is popular among Indian dishes. As you prepare your basic lentil cookery, pick through the lentils to remove any debris or pebbles. Rinse them, transfer to a saucepan, and add water. After they are tender, strain them and prepare them as in your recipe or eat them on their own. 


2. Lentil salads 

Another tasty way to use your lentils in adding them to your salads. Especially the red and green ones that hold their shape after cooking. Choose a warm lentil salad with vegetables in it that you can enjoy as a main dish or a side dish. It is easy to make such a salad. Sauté red onions and red peppers and then mix them with your vegetables. After, add a big bunch of spinach into it, top with extra virgin oil, salt, pepper, thyme, and garlic. Other lentil salads that you can try are sprouted green lentils and peanuts salad, spicy lentil salad that has tomatoes, sprouted lentils, and jalapenos, among other salads that you can try at home.


3. Have them for breakfast 

Lentils are one of the healthiest legumes that you can have for the most important meal of the day. For instance, you can make porridge for your breakfast by cooking up the red lentils until they become tender. Add some nutmeg, cinnamon, nuts, or raisins. Then, you can make your porridge sweeter with maple syrup, brown sugar, agave, or any other that you may prefer. Alternatively, you can add cooked lentils to the next pancake batter for a fresh twist on flapjacks. Also, use lentils in place of beans in any vegan sausage recipe as you prepare your breakfast sausage recipe. 


4. Lentil soups 

Try to make lentil soup with brown lentils for a change from your usual basic lentil dish. Add a lot of vegetables to it if you do not want it plain. To make this hearty lentil vegetable soup there are many recipe types you can try that suit the tastes you like. One example that you can try is a simple one. Whereby you sauté diced onions, celery, carrot, garlic, and zucchini in a little oil until they are tender. Add lentils the amount you desire, enough water or broth, and diced tomatoes. Plus, you can add your favorite seasonings of cumin, thyme, parsley, bay leaves, black pepper, and salt, among others. In this way, you have your soup ready in an hour or less. Try other lentil soup recipes and enjoy the various tastes that you can get from lentils.


5. Dals 

If you have never had dals, they are thick, hearty stews. Although you can make them from many legumes, many of the dals are made from lentils. It is easy to make dals that you can serve with roti or rice. All you have to do is cook your lentils with broth with onions, tomatoes, and with spices such as cumin, curry, ginger, coriander, and garam masala. As dal is a common Indian stew, there are many types of dal depending on were in India one comes from to enjoy the different flavors. Therefore, you can check for the various Indian dal recipes to give them a try. 


6. Lentil spreads and dips 

When you are hosting a party next, opt to make the lentil spreads and dips instead of the usual ones. Since almost everyone loves hummus, it will be easy to make various types of hummus by substituting the usual chickpea for a unique lentil hummus. Make it quick by throwing your lentils into a food processor with chopped garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil until it becomes smooth. Add herbs and spices that you desire in your hummus, and for a spicy kick, add a dash of hot sauce. Then you can serve your lentil hummus with raw veggies or pita chips. 

To conclude, with the above tasty ways that you can have your lentils. You will never think of lentils as boring and old-fashioned anymore. Try some of the fun ways listed above and explore how to cook with lentils. Others that you can try are lentil desserts as much as it sounds strange. It works perfectly when you add lentil puree along with nuts, raisins, and seeds as you make cakes and other baked cookies. Plus, you can make amazing snacks using your lentils, among other things. Once you try one, it is easier to ease into the rest.

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