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7 Small Business Ideas to Start during Lockdown 2020

7 Small Business Ideas to Start during Lockdown 2020

Published by Programme B

The COVID-19 pandemic has harmed us all. Many people have experienced pay cuts, reductions, and loss of income during this time. You might have wondered how to start an online business from home. Here, you’ll discover that being your own boss isn’t as hard as you think.

1.  Provide Professional Services

Canada’s professional services have proven to be one of the steadiest forms of income for its citizens. Author and subject specialist Michelle Thomas believes that professional skills can still be income generators during the lockdown. Offering your skills is an excellent choice for those with business ideas with no money, though it may not be as exciting as a game of online roulette.

Professional services include homework assistance, freelance writing, and tutoring. People will be willing to pay for your services according to your level of qualification or job experience. Be sure to note your accolades in your online adverts; it’ll entice people to utilize your services.

2.  Sell COVID-19 Essentials

The increased need for sanitation means that medical supplies are the latest niche in the market. Many crafters are now making artistic face masks for their fashionable customers. Find a cheap supplier for your masks or make them yourself if you have the skill.

Hand sanitizer has evolved with scents, skin protection and strength. People are looking not only for germ protection but also for what feels, smells and looks best. You can also decorate your bottles for a finishing touch. One of the best secrets to sales success is selling something relevant – and these are high demand products.

3. Clothing and Accessories

The Canadian retail market has done well in 2020, despite the pandemic. There will also continue to be a massive surge in retail demand once the world gets a grip on this situation. It creates an opportunity to buy products in bulk and sell them for a slight markup. Some ideas include jewelry, t-shirts and shoes.

4.  Offer Administration Assistance

Starting an online business requires lots of innovation. Due to the rising administration levels that the pandemic has created for businesses, some owners may be looking for an extra hand or two. You could try contacting local businesses and offering administration help for a basic hourly fee. These simple tasks could include filling forms, data capturing and answering emails. This job will provide easy money.

You can contact local businesses via email or phone calls, which you can find on their website if they have one. You could also try physically going to businesses to offer your services. Face-to-face encounters will give you a chance to make a good impression and express your enthusiasm to your prospective employer.

5.  Daycare / Babysitting Services

If you are unemployed and have a great love for children, this is something to consider. This idea requires little knowledge of how to start an online business, as you only need to advertise your services on the internet. In certain parts of Canada, citizens make $100 – $500 per week for each child. This charge includes looking after kids, helping with homework, and sometimes providing meals during the child’s stay.

6.  Car Washes

This idea requires more elbow grease but is highly profitable. The start-up costs required include detergents, sponges, water, car wax, and car air freshener. All you need to do is advertise online, and your neighbors will probably come flocking for a convenient car wash service. You might want to enlist some help, due to the physical work involved.

To not be overwhelmed by large numbers of cars, perhaps try providing a certain number of time slots in a day. The “first-come, first-serve” strategy will encourage people to respond quickly to your advert. It will also ensure you have a reasonable workload.

7.  Become an Uber Driver

Uber, as well as other apps such as Uber Eats, Skip the Dish, and Lyft, are very popular in Canada. Tons of people join these types of companies to either transport people or deliver food. The businesses take a small portion of your earnings, but the majority of them are yours.

If you have a valid driver’s license and access to a reliable car, this is the route to take. A recent study has shown that these employees could make around $120,000 a year from these jobs.

It’s All About the Money

Remember that you need to tackle these ideas with a positive attitude and a determination to put in time and effort. The right mindset will go a long way. Also keep in mind some businesses can be temporarily built to serve your needs then sold to venture out in a new field. You build your business perfectly and sell it when it’s doing optimal. For tips to sell your business you need a business broker.