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Our Go-To Gifts For Every Occasion

Our Go-To Gifts For Every Occasion

Published by Programme B

There are two types of people in the world.


Those who give great gifts and those who give not so great gifts; there doesn’t tend to be an in-between, at least not in my experience. 

There are those who manage to lock-in key gifting information – like that you mentioned you’d quite like to bake, and low and behold on your birthday there sits a beginner’s guide to cupcakes.

And there are those who bear no such talent. And it is to them that I now speak directly. 

No matter how well you know your recipient and all their favorite pastimes and objects, you just can’t seem to get it right. 

The pressure is too much. Your mind is drawn a blank. 

And each and every time a gift-giving occasion rolls around you resemble a trembling, sweating teen about to take their final exam. 

But fear not, we in the know have a secret up our sleeves. 


And it’s the secret to being a gifted gifter. 

You need a go-to, a safety net, a back-up plan – that pair of jeans you return to time and time again that seem to work no matter where you’re going. 

And what’s our go-to I hear you asking? 

Chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles are a trendless staple – the little black dress of gifting.

No matter, who, where, when or why, they are always a success. 

Arguably, they are such an all-rounder that they take on a meaning of their own depending on to whom they are given.



I don’t know about you but when I hear Christmas, I think of chocolate. 

Picture this. 

Your family is gathered together around a beautiful tree, opening presents one by one, and someone (that’s not you) opens up a delicately wrapped box of artisan chocolate truffles. 

That feeling that’s taking hold of you? It’s envy. 

What better present could there be than a box of something delicious? 

And each time you witness someone be the receiver of such a box, you hope and wait for the greatest question – would you like one? 



In my experience, birthdays seem to cause a greater amount of stress for those giving gifts. 

Perhaps it’s because birthdays are so personal. And so the pressure to gift something unique and meaningful is really on. 

But relax. 

Like we said earlier, chocolate truffles are such an all-rounder that they sort of taking on a meaning of their own. 

For your friend who loves a night in alone, a bath, and something sweet, chocolate truffles are the essence of their perfect evening. 

For your mum who hosts fancy dinner parties and is always looking for a hidden gem to serve with late-night coffee, chocolate truffles are a new discovery. 

And for the chocolate lover (which is most people, surely?), chocolate truffles are simply perfection. 



Anniversaries scream chocolate truffles.

And though bad rom-com movies may have given the practice a bad name, I oppose anyone who doesn’t see that a box of hand-crafted chocolates has an undeniable romance.

Sitting together, working out which one will be your favorite and trying to avoid the coconut or coffee flavors – there’s something about the ritual of it all that I find oh so appealing. 

Basically, what I’m saying is… chocolate truffles are the ultimate go-to. 

Christmas? Chocolate truffles. Birthdays? Chocolate truffles. Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, friend-adversaries, hello’s, goodbye’s, whatever the occasion. 

I speak again to those of you who find gifting challenging to say the least. 

Chocolate truffles are your new best friend. 

They’re on your high street, in your health food store and, of course, online. 

And most importantly, they’re delicious. 

Photo by Tree of Life Seeds from Pexels