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The Easiest Games to Win at Online Casinos

The Easiest Games to Win at Online Casinos

Published by Programme B

Casinos are all about luck. Or at least that’s what people tell you. Yes, casinos offer games that are built mainly on chance. However, there are some that are easier to win than others. 

How? It comes down to your strategy, both in terms of how you manage your bankroll and play the game itself, how cool you can stay under pressure, and the game(s) you decide to play. Some are just easier to win at than others. Here’s our top 4.  


Just pull that virtual lever and win, right? When it comes down to it, it’s really that simple. Online slots don’t really require a particular gaming strategy, as the odds are fixed no matter who you are. The RNG (random number generator) system ensures slots are fair and equal for every single player. 

In terms of ease of playing, there’s nothing that beats the slots. But if you want to supercharge your chances of winning – you know, make it easier to play as well as a win – you need to add a little more to your overall strategy. 

This is the trick: look for bonuses and boosters. This turns that tiny house edge in your favor. Check out, for example, where you can find a selection of sign-up offers. Most of these offer a huge number of free spins. Considering there are dozens of online casinos you can sign up for, it can get your initial bankroll up quite quickly. 

European Roulette

Despite being hundreds of years old, roulette retains its place in the popularity stakes. The game is fun, perfectly balanced, the dazzling allure of the spinning wheel keeps players hooked, and, perhaps most importantly, there is a real opportunity to win a bit of cash while playing.

If you’re ever given the choice between an American or European roulette wheel, always go for the European version. This is because the house edge is higher with the American roulette wheel. Why? The extra zero.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when it comes to the mathematical odds, it makes all the difference. Having that extra zero gives the casino an additional edge of 2.7%. Placing a handful of bets on a night out with friends? Then it’s not a huge problem. For those of you who want to win, however, go European each and every time.


Depending on the rules, blackjack offers the lowest house edge out of any online casino game. Assuming you use basic strategy, you’re looking at an edge of roughly 0.5%. This means that the average person who bets $100 at a blackjack table will get $99.5 back.

You’re probably thinking: but surely that means the casino barely makes any money? Nope. They rake it in. This is all due to the player who doesn’t really take the game seriously, which is fine. Not every visit to the blackjack table has to be about perfect execution and making money.

But if you’re one of the ones who actually want to walk away with a little bit of profit, play basic strategy on every single hand. It’s a tried and tested method that gives you the best possible mathematical odds to win a given hand. Second, have some sort of financial management system in place. Don’t just bet haphazardly. 

Oh, and if you’re willing to go even further, you could try card counting. Just don’t be surprised if the casino kicks you out as a result. 


Poker is probably the best chance you have at winning money at an online casino. If you have the skill, that is. You see, the average player will lose at poker. Even a decent player will likely lose at poker. It’s an easy game to play, just not an easy one to master. 

Poker is a zero-sum game. That means that for someone to win, another has to lose. It’s a popular game as well, so you’ll be battling players from all over the world to stake a claim on the prize. There’s so much money in poker that strategies have been finely tuned, players use advanced simulators, and most have the optimal way to play any given hand, engraved in their brains. 

Nevertheless, you’re still playing against other humans. You’re not fighting against the house, against odds that are mathematically set against you. And while it’s difficult to become a poker pro, it’s certainly a way to make a very good little side income. 

And the Easiest Thing? 

We’ve covered mathematics, odds, strategies, and games on the basis of whether it’s easy to win money. But before you head off with dollar signs in your head, just remember this: have fun. 

Casinos are a great place to get together with friends in a private poker game, have banter with the live casino dealers, and enjoy the games without thinking about the cash. Sure, hitting that jackpot or beating the dealer with a double down 21 is sweet, but it shouldn’t be your sole focus.