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Get The Most Out of Your Chillum and One-Hitter Pipe With These Tips and Tricks

Get The Most Out of Your Chillum and One-Hitter Pipe With These Tips and Tricks

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Life is all about having fun. And the one-hitter pipe is one of the devices you need to make things happen. This small and portable pipe is uniquely designed to give you the smoking experience you truly deserve. Any seasoned enthusiast will want to give this device in their toolkit.

Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your one-hitter pipe. Read on to learn more!

Grind Your Herbs

Make sure that your herbs are well-ground. You can easily do this with the help of a grinder. Once you’re done, pack your dugout until it’s almost full. While doing this, be sure to leave some space at the top so that you can easily seal it without overflowing. You’ll also want to avoid packing the herbs too tight into your dugout. Or you’ll end up ruining them altogether.  

Pack It Up

One hitter pipes are incredibly efficient. Plus, they’re simple to use. To pack the bowl, you simply need to put your product on a flat surface and turn the pipe vertical. Then, twist the pipe while pushing it down to pack the bowl better. Repeat this several times to ensure that the bowl is tightly packed.

Smoke it Down

After packing your one-hitter, go ahead and smoke it down. Take the pipe, place it in your mouth, and then light it up. It’s that easy! But as the name suggests, you’ll always get a single hit out of it, regardless of how much you try to use your bowl wisely. But you don’t need to worry about this; you can always pack another one. After all, you aren’t in hurry, right? When it’s time to have fun, there should be no limiting factors. So, once you’re done smoking the first pack, go ahead and pack the next one.

Keep It Clean

Once you’re done smoking, take time to thoroughly clean your one-hitter. This will go a long way in preventing ashes from getting stuck inside your device and clogging it. Plus, this will ensure that you have a ready-to-pack hitter for your next smoke session. Keep your pipe facing up in your dugout and then seal it to minimize odor.

Always keep your smoking pipe clean. Gently swish isopropyl around to make sure that gets in all the nooks, as well as, crannies. This will help in disintegrating all the dirt in your pipe and a simple wiping down with a piece of cotton will finish up the job. Nothing feels good like smoking through a freshly cleaned device. Plus, it’s also beneficial to your heart and lung health.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re a true one-hitter believer, you’ll definitely want to keep the following tips on your mind. Following these simple tips and tricks will ensure that you enjoy the best possible smoking experience. Simply start by finely grinding your dry herbs, packing it up, and then smoking it down. Once you’re done, clean your one-hitter pipe and store it safely. It’s that simple!