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How To Not Develop Kratom Tolerance

How To Not Develop Kratom Tolerance

Published by Programme B

Kratom is known to be a topical plant that originated from South Asian countries. It is claimed to be classified in the coffee plant family. The best kratom strains are used medically to help with things like pain relief, and help to manage anxiety and depression, and other people it as a recreational drug. Have you ever thought that at some point when you get too used to a certain dosage of a drug, your body will no longer react to it as it is supposed to?

Reacting, in this case, is getting the expected effects of kratom. Kratom tolerance is the right description of this kind of state. This is the same way you get too used to caffeine in your body that it no longer brings the effect of alertness. It might not be complete but the effect gets weaker than it used to be in the beginning. The simplest alternative is taking higher doses but it would do no good to you. 

kratom tolerance is a common thing among kratom fans and it is important to lower it to lead a sustainable lifestyle. You can find different kratom strains of good quality in online stores and physical shops. However, if you are already at that stage, some ways can help you reduce it which is similar to those one can use to prevent developing tolerance. Some factors can help you prevent developing kratom tolerance. These factors are: 

1.    Taking regular clean breaks.

This is when you take a break from using kratom for 3 to 7 days or even more. This is an effective way since your body will crave for it when you are on your break and when the break is over and take kratom, you will get your expected results.

Beware that you will experience discomfort but it is worth the sacrifice to prevent kratom tolerance in the future. You should not look at the negative side of sacrificing which sucks but you have to do it. Your health and well-being should always come first.

  1.     Rapid taper method.

This method is done in intervals of five days. This is where you take half the dosage that you are used to. It has discomfort at first but not as intense as the one in clean breaks. At some point when you make this a habit, your body will be able to adapt and will be able to prevent kratom tolerance.


3.    Avoid using related substances to kratom frequently.

Through this, you can cause cross-tolerance. This is whereby you may be using a substance that is of the same class as kratom way too frequently that it reaches a point that you do not feel the effect. This may cause you to not get the expected effects of kratom since your system has already adopted that kind of substance. You should therefore avoid frequently using related substances. 

4.    Avoid compulsion.

You might start to force the effect to come up over and over after the first dose. In this case, you add another dose to satisfy yourself more. You can avoid this by thinking through what you are getting yourself into plus try to convince yourself that the first dose was enough and there is no need to add another quantity to intensify the effects. If you get used to adding another dose. It might increase your chances of kratom tolerance. 

5.    Health and diet

Your health should be your priority. Having a healthy system matters since it will help you prevent drug tolerance. Try eating a healthy diet, and eating fruits to boost your immunity. You should also keep your body hydrated at all times. Working out could also be of great help. This is because exercising regularly helps your body to get rid of mitragynine and improves your metabolism rate. 


6.    Intake frequency

Apart from clean breaks and rapid taper method, the intake frequency is also a major factor to consider. If you take kratom doses twice or thrice every day of the week, you are at higher chances to develop kratom tolerance. If you are used to that frequency, you will have to reduce the number of days you take kratom at a slow pace. You can start by reducing it from 7 days a week to 5 days a week. If you can adjust to 5 days, you can now try out three days a week while alternating days. In the end, you will be able to completely adjust to three days. It all needs a positive mentality.

7.    A kratom free night sleep.

Some kratom users use kratom at night to improve their sleep. This might form a habit which at some point will make your system kratom tolerant. When your sleeping problem has reduced, you can try sleeping without kratom influence. During the night is when the body washes out kratom substances from your body. This is an excellent way if avoiding tolerance. You can drink water before sleeping and maintain your mind in a relaxed state. 



 Some risks arise from developing kratom tolerance. The risks are addiction to kratom, the need for higher quantities compared to when one began liver damage, and cross-tolerance. Avoid drinking alcohol when taking kratom. This is because it increases risks of suicide as alcohol is a depressant while kratom is a stimulant. Try as much as possible to reduce the dosage frequency since it is the main contributor to tolerance. 

You can make your system crave kratom substance frequently to reduce the familiarity of kratom in your system. You should also be aware that drug tolerance is very different from drug dependence. In drug tolerance, some cell receptors that are used to activate when the drug is introduced in the body stops functioning like it used to. In drug dependence, means that your body can only function when the drug is present in your system which leads to addiction. You should also ensure that you have good quality kratom. If you develop kratom tolerance, you should not be too worried because you can fix it yourself.