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Introducing The Best Live Casino Games At A Glance

Introducing The Best Live Casino Games At A Glance

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Whether it’s cars, breakfast options, or live casino games, it’s always nice to have plenty of choices. Take choosing a vacation; for example, piles of flyers are collected from the travel agency, and on long winter evenings, we dream of faraway places, sunny beaches, and waves washing over our feet. And for a while, we are already on vacation. This is also the case in a casino: you move into a different world for a moment. A world that (usually) differs from your known working world and where you may not know anyone. That fact may make it even more interesting. You share ‘being a foreigner with all those other visitors. Check out JackpotCity Casino for your online gaming needs. 

Choice of live casino games in the online casino

Having choices is nice. At home, behind your desk, where you dream away from a live casino, you also have that choice. You can choose from a wide range of different live dealer casino games. View the various pages and games and decide for yourself which one you want to play. The choice is huge; you can choose from live roulette, live punto banco, live baccarat, live blackjack, and live poker. Moreover, you can even take advantage of a live casino bonus, so that you immediately have extra (free!) Playing credit.

Games in the online live casino

First, you can take advantage of a live casino bonus, the best live online casinos. The first bonus with which the casino welcomes you is the welcome bonus. You deposit an initial amount and the casino multiplies this by 100%, often up to, for example, € 100 or € 250. This differs per casino.

And then… the online live dealer casino game offer. What kind of live games can you play in the live casino?

Think of:

  • Live Baccarat (or live punto banco)
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Poker
  • Live Slots

As you can see, you will also find the games from the physical casino online. Of course, online gambling feels different from playing in a live dealer casino. Yet the online gaming experience is getting closer to physical casinos, especially with real casino roulette.

Rules of the live casino

To play live casino games, it is important that you know the rules. This post discusses the offer types of a typical online casino in a nutshell, along with the most common live games. This includes blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. In addition, we describe the possibility of playing live slots. Read on for a brief overview of the game rules of live baccarat (or live punto banco), live blackjack, live poker, live roulette, and live video slots.

Live punto banco and / or live baccarat

Live baccarat is all about guessing the right winner. The game plan is as follows: you play against the bank, but you don’t get any cards yourself. The trick of live baccarat is that you have to choose which party you want to support. For this, you can choose from the bank (Banco), the player (Punto), or a tie (Égalité). 

The payout for the bank is just under 2, while the player is paid 2. A tie pays out 8 times the stake. You can play baccarat in a live casino in the company of a live croupier. That provides an extra dimension because you play against a person of flesh and blood.

Live roulette

Roulette can rightly be called a classic casino game. After all, you can no longer ignore the game from any casino. This also applies to the live casino. That is why it is only logical that you can play live dealer roulette at the best live online casinos. The goal of live roulette is very simple: you play to estimate where the roulette ball will land. You bet on knowing or feeling it and therefore place a bet on one of the many different squares on the gaming table. 

Does your prediction come true? Then you receive a profit that depends on where you placed the bet. The following applies the smaller the chance of the outcome, the greater the profit. There are various types of live roulette to discover, each with a live croupier’s cozy presence. 

Live blackjack

In addition to roulette, there is another absolute classic in the field of offline and online casino games. This is blackjack, the most popular live casino game. Many people love live blackjack or 21 because of the relatively simple game rules and clear way of playing. The game aims to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over it.

The best thing would be to score 21 in one (a ‘blackjack’) by drawing an Ace and a card with the value 10. Does this work? Then you will receive 2.5 times your stake back. You can play live blackjack online in the casino, again in the company of a charming lady or gentleman who deals the cards.

Live poker

Various live poker variants can be played in the live casino. For example, think of Three Card Poker or Casino Hold’em. The latter version is very similar to well-known Texas Hold’em poker. This version is played with two cards in hand and five cards on the table. Maybe you already know the terms Turn, Flop, and River? You play live poker under the guidance of an experienced live dealer. He deals with the cards and is always in for a chat. 

Live video slots

Live slots are the online continuation of traditional slots. There are numerous online slots to play with very different themes. Whilst in the live casino you are playing in ‘real-time’. Because of this it’s still referred to as a live game. You can usually chat with other players in the slots games just as you would in a real casino. This applies in particular to the uk slots sites that have jackpots to win and are easy to join and start having fun with, whilst being very reputable places to gamble online.

This so-called progressive jackpot is supplemented with a portion of the stake of each participating player. As a result, progressive jackpots can add up at a rapid pace. Players who bet on such a slot machine can win the jackpot. Therefore, the live tension of video slots is almost tangible (Even if you play them without the presence of a live dealer).

Free live casino games

As you can read, there are many different live casino games in the online casino. The great thing about playing online casino games is that you can often test them for free, without a mandatory deposit. Unfortunately, playing live casino games for free is not possible. What is possible is watching a live casino game. 

You can see the chat, hear other bets, and the live dealer talking; this helps to get an impression of the live casino and the live casino game. You are not obliged to bet any money. You only need an online casino account (you can create this for free). Log in to your account to watch unlimited and unlimited live casino games. 

Lots of fun!