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Top 5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

Top 5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

Published by Programme B

When it comes to travelling with the care of the planet in mind, most of us know the basics. Avoid plastic, carry reusable items, stay local, and don’t disturb the wildlife. But if you’re more serious about limiting climate change and reducing global warming, we need to think a little deeper.  Travel local go to treetop adventure park Nashville and enjoy Nature for a eco friendly travel. 

So, here are some tips to travel more sustainably during your next trip.

Reduce your carbon footprints

Carbon footprints are the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of human activities. Large carbon footprints result in an increased release of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and climate change. So, it’s important for you to keep your carbon footprints as low as possible.                                    

The best way to reduce your CO2 emissions is to simply not fly. If you are travelling for too many short distances in a row, it’s best to avoid flying. Of all the different ways to transport, short distance flying causes the most pollution per kilometre.

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If there is no other option than to fly, book a flight that offsets your flight’s co2 emissions for free.


 Reduce the number of items you use, even if you plan to reuse or recycle them. If possible, avoid the use of items like paper-cups, brochures, takeaway containers and plastic bags. Also, carry your own towels, shower caps and other items instead of using the ones provided by the hotel.  


Whenever possible, try to reuse the items. In particular:

  • Consider wearing clothes until they really need laundry.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle and/or coffee mug.
  • Have a reusable bag for shopping.
  • Try to carry a reusable fork.
  • Reuse your amenity kits.


When you’re done with an item, consider recycling it. Many hotels and cities have prevalent recycle bins, where you can give your items for recycling. If you struggle to find recycling bins, you can ask a local or specifically look at grocery stores and public transportation hubs.

Along with recycling, you can also donate jackets, shoes and other items that you don’t want to take home. Many cities have donation bins, so you won’t struggle in finding one.

Don’t eat (too much) meat

The meat industry happens to be the biggest polluters in the world. According to some climate experts, giving up the consumption of beef might reduce the carbon footprint more than cars. So, when travelling, try to consume as few animal products as possible. You can also follow this when you’re at home. 


Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels