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Top Benefits of Compression Pants for Basketball Players

Top Benefits of Compression Pants for Basketball Players

Published by Programme B

Compression pants are one of the most controversial issues across various sports, especially in basketball. Some love this skin-tight fashion; others see no performance advantage in it. In this article, you may be astonished about the benefit of compression pants for basketball games.

What are Compression Pants?

Compression pants are outfits that fit tightly around the skin, and they exert pressure on the muscles. Compression pants are typical wears in sports like basketball, athletes, boxing, and football sports. I know you are still wondering about the need for such tight clothing?

Historically speaking, the compression pants have their origin in the healthcare sector. Doctors and nurses have been using support stockings for years to squeeze veins and increase blood flow.

These support stockings allow waste materials in the body to be transported away more quickly and muscles and organs are better supplied with oxygen overall. Over time, research has shown that sportsmen and women that put on compression pants prevent deep vein thrombosis and reduce swelling, especially during extreme sporting activities.


A research carried out on compression pants in sports shows that; there is no change in running time in athletes putting on compression pants, but they found some differences in gait that could reduce injuries.

Therefore, compression pants are not magic wears to increase your level of performance in the game, nor are there a substitute for hard work.

So what’s the importance of tights to a basketball player during their games?

While this question may be a burden in your heart, I will like to tell you some facts about the NBA game. NBA players will play an average of 3.15 games per week and an overall of 82 games in a season for about 26 weeks.

This means they play an average of three or four games in a week, aside from their daily training and lessons. It’s a challenging job, right? Basketball players wear tight compression sportswear to their games and exercise to prevent chafing and rashes.

Apart from these functions, there are other importance of compression pants and the top five benefits are;

Compression Pants Provide Support To The Skin

The compression pants compress your skin together while you are in any physical activity. This helps to compile the muscle together and keep it right intact.

When basketball players are running and jumping, there’s a lot of vibration in various parts of their body, especially their legs, but the compression pants help prevent deep vein thrombosis and reduce swelling.

You may be thinking that all compression pants provide supports, but that’s not true. In cases where the compression pants are easy or flexible (worn out), it may not provide the necessary support.

Compression pants provide Protection to the legs.

The compression is not any ordinary fancy clothes put in to entice passerby or supporters. They also play a protective role. How you may ask? A standard compression pant is multiple layers tight, and you can also incorporate pads. These pads reduce and absorb the shock from a crash or hits.

A basketball player may actually jump and hit his legs on the floor, and immediately he will get up because the pads in his tight minimize the impacts of the collision.

It  Helps Increase The Blood Flow

Research carried out at the University of Regensburg in Germany shows that compression pants cause a high blood flow rate in the vein and arteries when participating in sports. 

In basketball, there is the constant running and jumping, which increases pulmonary and systemic circulation. Tights help coordinate the flow of oxygenated blood to other parts of the body (especially the limbs) faster. This increased blood rate and coordination can stop high blood pressure and other diseases.

It Helps Manage Body Sweat While Playing The Game

This may sound funny to you, but have come across any basketball player who doesn’t sweat during the game? I am sure your answer is NO. It is agreed that sweating heavily is part and passe of basketball games.

If you have adequately observed, you will notice that the fabric used to make tights and sport wears is either polyester or nylon. This is to minimize the amount of heat generated during the game. Tight are very light, and they allow easy movement of different parts of the body without any hindrance.

Compression Pants Are Good-Looking

Tight is also put on for fashion purposes. There is something about color to the eyes; it attracts the attention of NBA supporters. Fans love not only the intense nature of the game but also the color of their favorite player’s jersey.


Tight are not any iron-man clothing that gives NBA players power, but they provide other necessary functions to the body.